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There’s no more competition when you become the ball. You just get kicked around. Post your thoughts.

  • The myths of British ancestry.
  • The comet and the Chicago fire. Part 1, 2 and 3.
  • In string theory, beauty is truth, truth beauty. Is that really all we need to know? Moving beyond string theory.
  • Who is Noam Chomsky? Someone who should have stuck to syntax.
  • Clausewitz in wonderland.
  • Did ancient Chinese creature spread tuberculosis? Now, presumably it is the takeaway.
  • Discovery of vast ancient cave astounds geologists. If that gets them going, wait until they hear the universe is a bottomless pit.
  • Antimatter discovery could launch new era in physics. Oh, and their place of work might be closing, but that is a coincidence.
  • Chinese laser versus US sats? There’s nothing quite like a Chinese burn.
  • Why hand washing is important – aside from wiping your ass without toilet paper.
  • Lack of competition led to dwarfism. Clearly the dinosaurs became extinct because they were knackered.
  • Copper circuits help brain function.
  • Sergeant blows whistle on 911 inside job.
  • Interrogating 911 five years on.
  • The mystery of a blue and gold Saturn.
  • Scientists discover where ghosts come from. Those who see ghosts generally are haunted.
  • The queen who would be king.
  • Do as I say: or how advertising works.
  • Global warming: too hot or not?
  • Britain became an island in 24 hours.

Quote of the Day:

To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.