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News Briefs 22-09-2006

News so late, it’s practically from tomorrow.

Thanks Baldrick.

Quote of the Day:

Knowledge is a deadly friend
When no one sets the rules.
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools.

From Tomorrow And Tomorrow, In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969.
The nostalgic can click here to hear an mp3 of the title cut (at an unrelated website).

    1. To Anon
      Shadows is quite okay but has decided not to contribute to TDG any more. She asked me to thank you for your concern. You’re quite right in saying that she is missed.

      Regards, Kathrinn

      1. stress
        Perhaps she needs to lower her stress level a bit. If that is part of the reason she’s not posting any more, I can understand it.

        Her absence certainly make many discussions less interesting.

        I wish her all the best, sincerely.

      2. I was wondering myself
        I was starting to wonder myself if things were ok with Shadows. Glad to hear you are well Shadows and I agree that your contributions are missed here.

        Good health Shadows!

    1. Same here
      Hello thunder,

      I agree thats what i saw-certainly in the small format- i was asthonished when i noticed that the pic was about 20 miles wide. Most amazing. Btw the mystery around this area is not only the ‘faces’, objects, but the cydonia region aswell- at least in hyperdimensional fysics- a docahedron star node.

  1. Good Post!

    I really enjoyed reading through your post! My favorites were on Celts, Mastodons, Young Galaxies, and Supernova: Star Death!

    How would you feel if you were a dying star with only a few million years left to live?

    What do you think?


    {You Can Teach People How To Think Or What To Think; But, You Can’t Do Both! It Is Better To Teach People How To Think!!!}

  2. Re: Chavez’s rant
    Be careful of Chavez. A lot of people think the enemy of their enemy is their friend. Chavez is just as crooked and untrustworthy as Dubya. Kinda sad how many people are taking up Chavez’s cause and siding with him; that’s just as bad as voting for Dubya, in my opinion. Similar to people praising France for being against the invasion of Iraq — considering what Chirac and the French Secret Service get up to, they’re just as crooked as Dubya and the CIA.

    Trust no one.

    1. Chavez
      Hugo Chavez is in business for Hugo Chavez, that is his cause. Sure he does some other things as he goes along in promoting the health and welfare of Hugo Chavez. It is useful to Hugo Chavez.

    2. VIVA
      Hello Rick,

      That’s right trust no one, start with your own judgement!

      Ive seen a documentairy on him, whilst shooting, a coup against him took place, truly amazing footage . When the coup failed he didnt set out to crush the leaders, he’s much smarter than that, it would have lead to bloodshed and destabalisation of venezuela, just the thing those in washington aim for.

      Chavez is an indio, much loved by most of his fellow countrymen, his country has been looted by those that oppose him (strongly supported by the us-looter clans naturally). Chavez is trying to break up that bond by offering the venezuelan side safety and stability, this can only be when the country’s dirt poor get a perspective…. free health care and education are essential parts of this strategy.

      Its sad that you and earthling react so cynically towards this man’s stance against the looters of this world.

      1. judgement
        I know that Chavez doing good things for some of the poor people. That is a good thing.

        In my judgement, he is doing that to further his own personal goals. These goals center on Hugo Chavez.

        He is not the first leader who does this sort of thing. Don’t be so quick to assume that anyone qho helps you is your friend. In my judgement, Hugo Chavez’ best friend is Hugo Chavez.

        “Panem et circenses”, remember that ?

        1. a true human
          Hello Earthling,

          Free is for all not some people. What does your western propaganda media tell you about Chavez’s goals Earthling, are you just repeating their inuendo ? If i follow your reasoning Jesus would be just as bad.

          In the same doc.. i mentioned before i saw many personal interactions on different levels, he’s a true human.

          1. response?
            You (Rho) are not responding to what I say. When did I mention “free”? Or when did I mention “western”?

            I am saying that Hugo Chavez is in it for himself. Not for the people he is helping now. Not for the people he says he will help in the future.

            And not even against the people who he says he is fighting.

            Hugo Chavez is only in this for himself.

            That is all I am saying.

            This is not “western propaganda”, it is my judgement of this one man, Hugo Chavez. That is all.

            I base this judgement on the historical occurence of many men like Hugo Chavez in the past.

  3. Brits are Celts, mostly?
    It is probably hard to count what is a Celt, or a German, these days. By looking at some specific markers on a chromosome, these researchers have found that 64% or so have a straight father-to-son relationship to someone of Celtic origin.

    What about their mothers? What about other forefathers they had? Perhaps these markers from the mother’s father gets lost, but the mother’s father could stil be non-Celtic.

    The article makes it sound as if the majority are maily pure descendants of immigrants from Spain. I doubt that even 10% are anywhere near pure descendants.

    Also, in the population of the UK, there are 2% black, 1.8% Indian, 1.3% Pakistani. “Mixed” 1.2% [I think it’s more]. Probably not too many of those folks are Celtic. But with the genetic method used in the study, some of them might be.

      1. my hope
        My hope is that we will all have ordinary interactions with people from all over the world, so that we will get used to the differences. Differenct faces, different behaviours, different outlooks.

        When we realize that this is normal, and nothing to be afraid of, then we will be ok.

        I can hope.

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