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Take a trip on a rocketship …

  • It looks like a hoax, but this video of a UFO in China will grant you triple happiness.
  • During the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-37 mission, astronauts filmed an unidentified sphere hovering in space.
  • Maybe the Russians will see something similar on their way to the International Space Station.
  • They’ve taken the first female space tourist for the trip, and she only paid $20 million for the privilege. Not for your feminists on budgets.
  • Are Russian-made laptops better than the spontaneously-combusting IBM brand that exploded at LAX?
  • Researchers have created a silicon-based chip that can produce laser beams, a development that’ll revolutionise computers.
  • Perhaps in reference to the Pluto fiasco, a rock even further from the Sun has been named after the Greek goddess of strife, Eris.
  • A planet discovered 450-light-years away is bigger than Jupiter but is so light it would float in a bathtub if you could find one big enough.
  • Changes in the Sun’s brightness over the past millennium have had only a small effect on Earth’s climate.
  • A stone block unearthed in Mexico may be inscribed with the earliest known writing in the Americas, anthropologists claim.
  • Despite the investigations of Dr Robert Schoch and Daily Grailer Dr Collette Dowell, an Egyptology professor from Cairo says it is still worth digging at the so-called pyramids of Bosnia.
  • Archaeology magazine’s Mark Rose remains skeptical, and provides a pdf link of Zahi Hawass’ letter. Aw, it’s typed — I was hoping we’d get to analyse the Big Zee’s handwriting.
  • Roman relics found near Elephanta indicate trade continued between India and the Romans later than thought. That should brighten the heart of American economists.
  • A rarely-explored seascape off the coast of Papua is possibly the richest marine environment in the world, with dozens of new species discovered.
  • A 10’000-year-old quarry is rich in prehistoric artifacts, including a spearpoint still smeared with mammoth blood.
  • A cave in Gibraltar contains the earliest known remains of Neanderthals, a mere 24000-years-young.
  • Petroglyphs thought to be 6000-years-old have halted work on a building site in Utah.
  • I can’t think of a suitable segue, so I may as well just give you the link to the peeing Madonna.
  • Buddhism continues to grow in America, adapting and changing in its Western environment.
  • Researchers want to find out why hearing voices in your head is a positive experience and not a cause of concern for some people.
  • If you want hobbits and vikings for neighbours, then consider buying a house in the Shire of Bend. I suspect Kat is a closet entrepeneur secretly developing a Hogwart’s apartment complex.

Quote of the Day:

Reality is a question of perspective; the further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems — but as you approach the present, it inevitably seems incredible.

Salman Rushdie