News Briefs 06-09-06

Horrible thought of the day: we make cheese, butter and yoghurt from cow milk: what about human milk? Don’t post your thoughts.

Quote of the Day:

Evil when we are in its power is not felt as evil but as a necessity, or even a duty.

Simone Weil

  1. Global Warming

    The article Testing Global Warming Hypotheses by Lee Gerhard should be mandatory reading for everyone that is concerned about global warming, especially Whitley and Art see “Earth flop”. Slowly but surely, Junk Science is being replaced by real science on this subject.

    Thanks for posting this Jameske.


  2. The QOTD
    Perspectives will differ but when I read the QOTD I am struck by the seeming implication that evil is something apart from us, rather than a part of us, that the behaviors commonly characterized as “good” and “evil” have external origins and from time to time manifest themselves in us. Perhaps a major reason for Man’s continuing inhumanity towards Man is this tendency to objectify a facet of Human nature…is it a desire to shift responsibility, i.e., “the devil made me do it”? I think that Good and Evil exist within everyone and we have the choice to decide which aspect of our nature will guide our actions. Somehow I doubt that we can even theoretically discuss an end to Evil until we at least properly acknowledge its source.


    Good News: There’s a guiding force at work in the Universe. Bad News: It’s Irony.

    1. in response to the QOTD
      I took the QOTD to be more of a commentary on the state of western politics given the context of some of the links presented. Especially so with the link to Alex Jones’ terror storm and the article about yet another group of the alleged 9/11 hijackers turning up alive and well.

      To me the quote doesnt imply some astral scapegoat. It points the finger very squarely at the individuals in direct complicity with said evil. It doesnt necissarily disembody evil or imply a 3rd party but rather seeks to illustrate its illusions, and furthermore identify the excuses people use while under “its” sway (or in this case his, or theirs) *cough* neo cons *cough*.

      just my 2 cents.

      cheers TDG!


  3. sources from the “the Grays”
    my significant other has expressed her opinon that I should not color my beard to get rid of the white hairs in it. She says it would not be more attractive cosmetically ( perhaps that is a lost cause, but please don’t comment on that), and it would not make me more authoritative.

    Do the Grays have a good retirement program, for their critics ?

    1. standing in the retirement line with earthling
      I have a plethora of grey hair at the temples myself, as a female I’m not going to cave in to the pressure to color my hair. I feel I have earned every grey or white strand. I like the fact that it’s there, it says I’ve been here a long time.

      As a joke, my husband who is totally silvery grey haired recieved a big bottle of hair color for a present when he retired. It was never used and in turn he gave it to a guy who does color his hair. The only problem there was this fellow was getting truly bald! How deluded can vanity get? LOL!

      Love, pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

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