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I think a sunspot cycle would be a little too hot on the phatarse.

  • German astronomers produce original Apollo 11 tapes.
  • Perpetual motion claim probed.
  • Team finds proof of dark matter. Someone is gunning for funds.
  • New York Times withheld a story about the Bush administration’s illegal domestic spying until after 2004 election.
  • Why some people have HIV but don’t get AIDS. So, not going for the ‘does not cause’ view.
  • Scientists issue unprecedented forecast for next sunspot cycle.
  • Water as fuel.
  • A history for Hyperion.
  • Grey squirrel virus wiping out reds.
  • Ice geysers discovered on Mars.
  • Q the historical Jesus.
  • Loose Change second edition.
  • Scientists argue about hobbit skeleton.
  • JFK lone-gunman theory doesn’t hold water.
  • Revealed: the world’s oldest computer.
  • Mint pain killer takes leaf out of ancient medical texts.
  • How to win friends and influence people.
  • Thank who very much?
  • This old house.
  • Dwarfing Earth’s largest dinosaur.
  • Do modern humans carry Neanderthal genes?
  • Can money make you happy?
  • Early life lines make waves.

Quote of the Day:

It is a terrible irony that in human pity rests the glorification of war, and hence war itself.