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Not much to go on today. A few good things worth it though.

  • The chosen ones.
  • Why we should beware mad scientists.
  • A flickering black hole.
  • A parasitic answer to allergies?
  • Allergies linked to Parkinson’s disease.
  • Strange holes in the ground discovered in Krasnoyarsk region.
  • One giant blunder for mankind: how NASA lost moon pictures.
  • Microbes reshuffle Earths early history.
  • From hot to cold in the Arctic.
  • British Petroleum’s smart pig.
  • Alchemy recast: modern science sees a gem.
  • Flu pandemic coming!
  • Space hotel gets a check up.
  • Evolution reversed in mice.
  • 911 Commission chairmen admit to whitewash.
  • Arthur Koestler: the 13th Tribe.
  • Stretching DNA yields surprise.

Quote of the Day:

The perfection of art is to conceal art.