News Briefs 04-08-2006

I totally forgot I was standing in for Kat today, and I apologise for the news not being up to her high standards (I’d need amphetamines and cyber-augmentations to achieve that).

  • Random House holds crisis talks as Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code slips out of the bestseller charts … after a being in the Top 50 since March 2004.
  • Writer Terry James puts a heavy Christian spin to the UFO phenomena with his novel The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension. Imagine if CS Lewis was a scifi writer …
  • According to the results of a survey, books play a crucial role in influencing our opinions of strangers, with half of the participants admitting they judged a person on the basis of what they were reading.
  • Crop Circles have begun appearing in the English countryside again, with intriguing new permutations. They have their paranormal with tea and scones in England.
  • Circles don’t always appear in crops, with the deserts of Africa providing a broad canvas for the mysterious designers.
  • A conceptual artist whose projects include copyrighting his brain and attempting to genetically engineer God is turning his attention to interstellar signals detected by SETI.
  • Dozens of crop circles have appeared in Poland this year, including UFOs such as a triangular craft.
  • Are contrails just streaks of water vapour from passing planes, or something more chemically sinister?
  • A survey suggests more than half of Britons believe in psychic powers such as mind-reading and premonitions.
  • Schools exploring paranormal subjects are booming, with students arriving from all walks of life. I’ll enrol the moment I see a listing for Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.
  • Kids aren’t the magical thinkers we believe them to be, according to a new study that has implications for causal attribution and our beliefs in the supernatural.
  • Thousands of Sri Lankans gathered at temples after media reports that coloured images of the Buddha had begun emitting miraculous rays. The Vatican denies it needs to come up with new material, and that its statue-of-Virgin-Mary-shedding-tears-of-blood routine still draws crowds.
  • Is a common parasite found in cats affecting human behaviour on a global scale? Maybe this explains Kat’s absence today …
  • An alien abductee shares proof that we are not alone; Aware of Their Presence by Craig Jacocks (Amazon US or UK).
  • Spectacular images of a UFO were taken by a woman in Coral Springs on Bastille Day last month.
  • Legendary Remote Viewer Ingo Swann made claims of covert extraterrestrial activity on the Moon and here on Earth, and the CIA’s Stargate documents support him.
  • Which makes you wonder about NASA recently announcing their plans to send a manned mission to the far side of the moon.
  • Japan plans to have a manned station on the moon by 2030. All your base are belong to us. I don’t have the heart to tell them the truth about moon rabbits making mochi.
  • Astronomers are completely baffled by planemos, planet-like worlds that orbit each other. There’s that duality thing again.
  • Mini planetary systems may orbit cosmic objects that are 100 times smaller than our Sun. Gulliver in space.
  • Chris Kennish sent me a link to an intriguing website detailing the forgotten correspondences of the Isometric Sephiroph.
  • Are antimatter-fueled spacecraft the stuff of scifi dreams or scientific reality? Make it so, Number One.
  • Two astronomers argue that cosmic radiation was the catalyst for human evolution 40’000 years ago. Spray us again please, Cosmos.
  • National Geographic has an awesome interactive program exploring extraterrestrial life. I highly recommend it.

Thanks Chris, Greg, and Kat.

No thanks at all to my memory.

Quote of the Day:

You can’t trample infidels when you’re a tortoise. I mean, all you could do is give them a meaningful look.

Terry Pratchett

    1. Narnia in Space
      I’m stunned. I had never heard of these books before. Thanks for the link, Johnny.

      It makes you wonder where Tom Cruise would be today if CS Lewis had’ve gone down L. Ron Hubbard’s path …

  1. That is, without doubt
    the best UFO pic I have ever seen in my life.
    And it has a feeling about it that it is really something very other-worldy.

    Rick did you post a link to some art work done by a Jonathon someone who did the work from a signal from space?
    I thought you did and I wanted to comment on it but can’t find it.
    It is stunning!

    I am now about to confess that I am having trouble keeping up with everything on TDG.I hate to say it because formerly I used to. Now I can’t.

    Love the quote.


    1. Shadows,

      I linked to a Wired article about Jonathan Keats, which has a gallery of his art. It makes you wonder what kind of artists extraterrestrials are. Could some of the world’s biggest mysteries (the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island) just be conceptual art? 😉

      Can Captain paint?


      1. 11 meter band 27 megahertz
        Dear shadows and Rick, That is how Citizens Band radio is transmitted and recieved. Sunspots eat up the transmission so it’s a rather noisy extremely high hetrodyne wavelength producing the unusual reception. Love, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

      2. Can Captain paint?
        Is the Pope a Catholic?

        Of course Captain can paint but I just don’t give him the chance.
        He causes enough destruction without getting his talons on paints and brushes.
        I have always thought of birds as sort of extra-terrestrial if you know what I mean.Not quite of this earth.
        Maybe that’s why I love them so much.
        There is a young butcher bird who lives close by who is obviously being fed by someone and when Captain sits on his ship at the open window watching the street, sometimes the butcher bird flies in the window and sits beside him.
        Then there is trouble.
        Because although Captain is a pacifist like me, he is a whinger.(also like me I suppose)
        And the poor butcher bird cops it loud and clear.

        I don’t feed the big meat eating birds because I am trying to encourage the small native birds into the yard, the ones that are becoming extinct.
        They hide in small bushes,the ones that neanderthal tree-killing neighbours chop down because they want the sun.

        No matter how Captain complains, the butcher bird is determined to make a friend of him and they sit side by side at the open window looking out onto the street together.

        I always thought that the great monuments like the GP and Stonehenge etc were in some way conceptual art.Well Easter Is obviously is.
        And I think when you think of the people who lived in those days and were going more by their intuitive side of the brain,aided and abetted by the use of lotus blossoms and mushrooms etc, you can be sure there is a lot of conceptualisation there.

        Jonathon Keats is a very interesting person.I must send that painting on to the kids.
        Thanks Rick.

        love shadows

        1. Bird Dreams

          You’re so right. It’s one reason why I’m so against the “tombs-and-tombs-only” hogwash of Zahi Hawass and friends. They don’t recognise art when they see it, the philistines.

          Funny about Captain, but I had a dream last night that I was helping a sick bird. It was a parrot, probably one of those little green grass parrots. It was nesting but had broken a claw (or possibly it’s beak). I used glue to hold it together, then wrapped it in a bandage, and the bird flew back to its nest.



          Blackbird singing in the dead of night/
          Take these broken wings and learn to fly/
          All your life, you have just been waiting/
          For this moment to arrive/
          Fly, blackbird, fly.

          – “Blackbird”, by the Beatles.

          1. That’s lovely Rick
            I think helping a sick parrot in a dream is a great dream.
            Parrots are birds and although humans do awful things to them, birds have always represented freedom to me.
            It was probably its beak you fixed so that it was able to sing again.
            You gave voice to something that had no voice.
            Maybe you were the little green grass parrot who once did not have a voice, until you fixed its beak so it could sing again.
            And don’t forget the freedom of birds part either.

            I’ve heard Zahi Hawass say in three separate interviews now when asked about DNA of the skeletons or mummies found in Egypt that DNA is of no use.
            I would have thought the opposite but what do I know.
            I still think that the people who built the GP were not Egyptians.


  2. So Rick…
    …you’re saying that Kat is a bionic woman who smokes meth?

    Kind regards,
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

  3. Mochi On The Moon! No Problem!
    Rick MG

    This cnnek, also known as kennc, from Japan! Japan is quite capable of establishing a manned station on the moon by 2030, maybe sooner! Mochi is one of the easiest things to make; but, the Japanese diet is far more varied than that! Eating will not be a problem and establishing a manned station won’t be a problem either!

    What do you think?


    {You Can Teach People How To Think Or What To Think; But, You Can’t Do Both! It Is Better To Teach People How To Think!!!}

    1. Japan

      I’m visiting Japan between Oct 26th and Nov 21st. Maybe we can have the first official TDG convention in a nice ramen bar in Tokyo! I refuse to eat squid-ink pizza, but I’ll eat anything else so long as it’s not moving.

      I’ll be in Tokyo mostly, but I’m visiting Kyoto and Osaka (no, I’m not meeting any Yakuza!) too.

      Also, I’ve never had mochi, especially mochi made by moon rabbits. I’m looking forward to mochi. I love Japanse food.


      1. Sounds Good!
        Rick MG

        Contact me through TDG contact when you know the details and I’ll try to meet you if I can! But, don’t under rate squid ink! Squid in squid ink is very good; but, squid ink doesn’t mix well with cheese!

        What do you think?


        {You Can Teach People How To Think Or What To Think; But, You Can’t Do Both! It Is Better To Teach People How To Think!!!}

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