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New Briefs 25-08-2006

Have you ever noticed that some walls are harder than others?

Thanks Pam.

Quote of the Day:

It’s a long road for such a narrow path, and a po’ man’s [considered] no better than a yellow dog.

My dad, whenever he felt like I feel right now.

  1. Endgames

    Those irish inventors seem to have stumbled on to something, and i admit they go about their business smartly by going public like they did, by challenging the scientitfic establishment to prove them wrong.

    Let’s not be naive here, they face the most powerful industry in the world. It’s hardly surprising that those involved in independent validations of their work, electrical engineers and academics “with multiple PhDs” from world-class universities, dare not speak for fear of a (costly/deadly) backlash, anyway scientific integrity has never been so poor.

    McCarthy and Walshe have taken the red pill, from now on they will not have any privacy, their movements will be watched and I for one would not like to travel in the same plane they do. Conspiracies yeah right. I’d refer to the engineers that blew the whistle on the NSA spying plot and ended up dead shortly after (for doing their job too good), vindictive as well, those spies.

    We’ll see what happens. Its high time we got some paradigm shifts and shake up the self-indulging scientific community. In the end they might take the money and run(a billion each? -no problem).

    So what’s the alternative, at the moment there’s only one country in the world with enough clout and need to take this magnetic inductor, build and market it, and that is the land of the dragon, China.

    A nice bridge to my comment on the little article titled snakes on the brain, the snake creator god worshipped all over the world from the jungles in the americas to those in africa and asia. The snake ‘ruled’, until an adversary popped up, got his own people and of course demonised the snake. All of a sudden live and let live was no longer acceptable, either-or was pronounced. Either you’re with us or your against us – then we’ll kill you. Now this kinda set-up was ideal for the ruling classes of the day, and nothing much has changed since. Death to those that oppose or don’t comply.
    Until Jehovah reared his ugly head, there was no adversary or polarisation. It’s hardly surpising that his bastions US, UK and Israel are center of the violent suppression of truth and love, and bring death and destruction to the world instead.

    p.s. Satan translates as…adversary.

    1. Well…no.
      There was a time, not that long ago, when Coal was King…so much so that it was unimaginable that the status quo could ever change. It got to the point where it actually entered the English language…as an expression for futility, “bringing coal to Newcastle.” The idea that current business interests would resist the introduction of new modalities is not supported by history; backwards industries tend to get supplanted by new ones and the new ones prosper for awhile until something else comes along. There was a time when most of the world’s commerce moved from place to place on wooden ships propelled by canvas sails…seen a lot of advertisements from sailmakers lately, have you?

      As to the rest of your post, what can I say…


      Of course there’s a spoon…get a grip.

      1. Quake
        Hello Binro,

        You compare apples with pears, this is not a transitional matter like windpower and steam or coal and oil. This is a revolution – free energy, and clean ! Such a transition will shake, no quake the corridors of power, and everything and everyone that tied their advancement to this big bandwagon.

        From the outside free and clean energy can only be a blessing for the world, and it’s hard to see why anyone would be against it. Alas this kind of naivity has enabled those that block the advancement of mankind, motivated by greed, lust for power, or mindless need to serve a master ( ‘god’, ceo or fascist ).

        Inventors like McCarthy and Walshe need to be protected, paradigm breakers should be getting the benefit of doubt and not treated as heretics. As such we seem to have exchanged the RC church’s pope and clergy, for a flood of scientific niche popes with their clergy.

        1. advancement?
          Inventors with such strong claims need to present convincing evidence. Particularly in a case like this, where perpetual motion machines have been claimed many many times.

          It is not very convincing at this point, only a claim. Why do the inventors say that they will pick their jury of 12 scientists?

          Since they have patents (presumably pending, maybe granted), there should be some public information about this. Patents are public. Does anyone have this information handy?

        2. It wasn’t merely a transition…
          going from wind-power to coal was a revolution. When the wind blows it blows for everyone, it’s free to anyone who can hang a sail on a mast. That people would pay for a fuel rather than use wind-power for free was a major shift in priorities. No apples, no pears, just an old technology being pushed aside by a newer one…and if the Irish idea pans out we’ll see new technologies being developed to take advantage of it, just as we now have oil companies while the coal companies are a shadow of what they once were.

          As to the skepticism which some people have expressed, you should hardly be surprised; it’s not the first time some “free power” scheme has been announced. Remember the Cold Fusion debacle? I can’t blame anyone for wanting proof…and I somehow doubt that this Irish company doesn’t expect to make money from the idea.


          Of course there’s a spoon…get a grip.

          1. CONtrol
            Hello Binro the Heretic,

            Or is it Robin the Orthodox ? Anyway windpower was unreliable, goods/ time were lost, thats why coal took over. In short money (makers) decided.

            It looks like you have an agenda here, trying to convince people that such a device means nothing to the powers that be, but i assure the rest of TDG readers, that such a machine holds a nightmare scenario to the corridors of power, a much bigger threat to them than terrorism. They hate anything that’s free..outside their control. Therefore they will do anything to stop it! Its not only energy companies, the dollar too floats on oil, free energy would crash the western stockmarkets, and launch the asian.

            ps. for Earthling a small pdf to be had about it

          2. *sigh*
            Since you’ve caught me out and exposed my agenda my evil masters at the Worldwide Conspiracy to Make People Pay Their Electricity Bills have directed me to confirm everything you believe. As a token of their good will, and to punish me for being so transparent that you’ve penetrated my deception, they’ve directed me to inform you of some facts just so that you can appreciate the burdens under which they labor.

            Thing is, I’m going to defy my evil masters; I don’t have the time at the moment. I will cut through the drekh instead…if Steorn turns out to be anything more than just another rip-off/fiasco I’ll ask your pardon and buy you a web-beer. If they turn out to be just another farce, you can buy me a web-beer, if you can take any time away from further theories about how it’s all part of some grand conspiracy. For my part I’ll leave it at that…have a good evening.


            Of course there’s a spoon…get a grip.

          3. going out on a limb here …
            Is this the same Binro/Robin that I know from Stella Maris? My sufi heart and egg loving loving friend? If not, beg my pardon, if your are it’s great to “see” you again! Love and virtual hugs! Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

          4. No
            No, I don’t believe we’ve met, virtually or otherwise.


            Of course there’s a spoon…get a grip.

  2. apples and pears and blowing
    When you cook mixed apples and pears, do be aware for there shall be later after digesting a mighty blowing.
    (From my grandfather Earl, a poor farmer and planter of orchards) —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

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