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I think I will move to the Arctic.

  • British outbred by Anglo-Saxon apartheid. Those Germans and their breeding experiments – seems like the most successful in the history of history.
  • Etna awakes with storm of fire and lava.
  • The boy who sees with sound.
  • Europe’s pyramid history unveiled. Much richer history of motes.
  • A Randi Vagina challenge. I have heard Pussies were used as familiars by witches in medieval Europe.
  • A little something on Tesla weapons.
  • Magnetic vortex in space.
  • Plenty of oil in the US.
  • Grow your own gold.
  • Terminator’s bionic arm only $170k.
  • The puzzling of polluted skies on climate.
  • Red spot junior buzzes its big brother.
  • Vitamins could boost attraction. This sort of thing already does work on humans – it is called ten pints of beer and causes attraction between men and lizards.
  • Earth’s writhing magnetic field could aid fusion research.
  • Virtual worlds to test telepathy.
  • Blooming good mental health therapy.
  • Brain-machine interfaces.

Quote of the Day:

Life isn’t long enough for love and art.

W. Somerset Maugham