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News Briefs 05-06-2006

Should we be worried it’s Greg who will be posting the news on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year?

  • Dire consequences are predicted for the world’s 500 million desert-living population, due to climate change and water shortages.
  • A meteor believed to have caused the biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history (before the dinosaurs), may also have created the Australian continent.
  • Not only do scientists think a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs, but now they believe a huge meteor strike in Antarctica gave birth to them.
  • It’s been 84 years since the last intact tomb was found in the Valley of the Kings, and it may be another 84 years before they work out what it is.
  • The battle to stop the construction of a highway near Ireland’s Tara Hill continues.
  • Decoding the charred remains of the Derveni papyrus may have implications for the Gospel of Judas.
  • Looking for evidence of fish-to-land evolution in the Arctic.
  • Cryptomundo has a screenshot of the coelacanth filmed off the coast of Indonesia recently.
  • Electric fish emitting different signals may be on the verge of an evolutionary split.
  • Scientists are no closer to working out what ball lightning is.
  • FATE magazine has a great article about UFOs over sacred sites.
  • A woman in the Washington DC area saw 6-8 white hovering lights that were too quiet to be a helicopter.
  • Waterhen Lake is a hotspot for UFO sightings lately, which seem to be interested in the water.
  • Wendy saw a green object as large as the moon sailing across treetops parallel to her car.
  • ThothWeb (I hope I got that one right!) discusses the alien skull debate.
  • Meet EveR-1, a South Korean female android who can express emotions and hold a conversation. My first name is Rick, but my surname is not Deckard.
  • The Lost Orwell is a new book by Peter Davison offering new insights into the life of a genius (Amazon UK only).
  • Here’s an article for Brian Joseph, Patti Boyd discusses her life as a muse to George Harrison.
  • A Jesuit priest rejects U2 leadsinger Bono’s claim that religion has severely damaged Ireland.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:
I’m not doubting. I don’t doubt God. I have firm faith absolutely in God. It’s religion I’m doubting.


  1. Jesus Christ!
    Ain’t no one can twist the truth like the Catholics.Irish Catholics are the maddest of the mad.I know.I was raised by Irish Catholic nuns.
    Sorry to all you Irish Catholics out there but it’s the truth.
    Christianity held Ireland back from any civilising influences for centuries.
    When I think what the church did to all those young women from poor families who were forced to enter convents,I feel sick.
    Bono has guts to say that.I hope he keeps it up.
    When that other girl, don’t know her name, tore up the pic of the pope they were going hang draw and quarter her.Talk about freedom of thought.
    There ain’t none, and I know that for a fact.


      1. yes lostmort
        That’s her.I thought she was very brave taking on the Catholic Church but I think they nearly did her in and she recanted, or whatever.
        They talk about Islam and Salman Rushdie, but when Christians do dastardly things to people you are not supposed to notice.


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