News Briefs 29/05/2006

So much work to do, I’m like a mouse balancing an elephant on the tip of his nose.

  • Are the ruins of the legendary kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod to be found submerged in Cardigan Bay?
  • Is the legendary Boudicea buried beneath a Birmingham McDonalds? Imagine what the toy is in a happy meal!
  • The Great Pyramid is a cuckoo clock, according to engineer Jean-Pierre Houdin. And anyone who thinks the shafts are for air ventilation are cuckoo, imo.
  • A year after the discovery of a burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings, Egyptologists still can’t decide what it is. Perhaps we need an alternative theory from Robert Bauval, and then they’ll quickly decide what it isn’t.
  • A colossal statue of Ramses II will say goodbye to the traffic and exhaust fumes of Cairo’s Ramses Square, and say hello to the Grand Egyptian Museum. Ramses! Colossus! Yeah, Indigo here we go oh …
  • Titicaca, lake of legend and gold.
  • More than half of Britons believe in psychic powers, a survey suggests, tho whether it was taken at an Ibiza rave is another thing.
  • The popularity of reading past-lives is booming in Japan, thanks to a spiritual counsellor and his co-host, a cross-dressing singer said to be the reincarnation of a 17th century Christian revolutionary.
  • An engineering student speculates that OBEs (out-of-body experiences) allow us a glimpse of the mutidimensional universe as predicted in string theory. Hey, I already thought of that! But I don’t have a degree …
  • A geneticist, a philosopher and a chicken farmer walk into a bar and ask, “What came first? The chicken or the egg?”
  • Scientists predict how to detect a fourth dimension of space. You take the third dimension, and add one.
  • Glowing, silvery blue clouds that have been spreading around the world and brightening mysteriously in recent years will be studied by NASA.
  • Three planets roughly the same mass as Neptune have been discovered around a nearby sun-like star.
  • A dragon-like dinosaur has been named after JK Rowling’s school for young wizards, Hogwarts. When they find a dinosaur skull with a lightning bolt on its forehead, you’ll have Harrypottersaurus.
  • X-rays of a duck reveal an extraterrestrial face. No wonder they waddle when they walk.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.

JK Rowling

  1. Burial Chamber – NBC Video
    Concerns have been raised throughout Egypt that the Great Zahiamunhawassseti’s hat is not acceptable to a pharaoh of his stature. Inside sources have leaked that the Egyptian Govt has contacted the makers of the Indiana Jones movies to source the correct brand and style of hat that the movie actor Harrison Ford wears during these movies.

    It will soon be announced that the fourth Indiana Jones movie will be filmed and will be shot in Egypt. Mr Ford’s agent has announced that due to other film schedules, he may not be available for the full shoot of the up and coming fourth sequel. An Egyptian Govt spokesman said yesterday that the Govt has been approached by Universal Studios to supply a double for the part of the movie character and that they had one particular official in mind.


      1. Tongue in cheek
        No no no, the facts are all mixed up.

        Zahi wants to play the love interest in the new Indiana Jones film, but celebrity gossip mags are saying Zahi auditioned but was offered the role of the villain’s goofy henchman, which he declined.

  2. The clouds are interesting
    I have seen some great pics of clouds lately on various sites.I have always been a cloud-watcher and am amazed by some of the pics.I suppose as it says in the article it is to do with the weather changing.


    1. Re: What came first? The chicken or the egg?”
      An egg and a chicken were sitting in the same bed. The chicken was smoking a giant cigar and was smiling lewdly.
      “Now we know who came first,” one of them said.

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