News Briefs 24-05-06

Short and sweet.

Quote of the Day:

It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.

Alfred North Whitehead

  1. H2 O oh

    The waterengine, or is it ? The lonelatern org doesnt provide any info, the society by the same name doesnt generate any google hits. So what is all this ? A joke , or NWO pulling strings and producing some cointelpro here ?
    The inventor Stan Meyer died 8 years ago (mysterious foodpoisoning) and his invention is still sat on surprise, surprise. The moneyhoarding goons need to maximize their profit first…Pollution ? Great ! More business for our friends over at the pharmaceuticals. Lets squeeze the suckers and make em pay extra for their burial as hazardous waste !

    A little research got me here’;, btw they have the video. I do wonder what those carmakers are up to these days, seems their scientists are not aloud to use the internet to come up with new avenues.

    “The free man must create himself”

  2. Bosnian Pyramid Timeline
    It will be interesting if these pyramids are proven to have similar methods of construction to Egypt that are more than just coincidental. It will be more interesting if these structures are then dated before 2500BC.


      1. You are quite right!
        It was in front of me to see all that time and I just could not put my finger on it.

        Might it also be said that whales’ periods explain the name of the Red Sea?

          1. Salty sea
            Would that have something to do with all the seamen?

            I hear a lot of them go down in their ships….

            yer ol’ pal,

            (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

  3. Bosnian Pyramid
    In other news Zahi Hawass, one of the world’s foremost Egyptologists,
    demands the return of the Bosnian Pyramid that was looted from Egypt 3000 years ago by Roman Black marketeers.

    Sorry, just had to say it 🙂

    1. That’s true
      Even I can see that the Bosnian Pyramid is actually Egyptian and therefore should rightfully be returned to its owners.
      I think it is all very interesting and will be eager to see what comes of it all.


      1. Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions!

        Is the Bosnian Pyramid actually Egyptian? Or, are the Egyptian Pyramids actually Bosnian Pyramids that were looted by Black Marketers and sold to Egyptian Pharoes?

        What do you think?


          1. How Did You Guess? But Seriously,…
            Shadows and Floppy

            Have you considered the possibility that they were built independently by peoples with the same cultural roots? Isn’t it possible that they aren’t particularly Egyptian or Bosnian? According to Herodotus(Spelling?), the Egyptians didn’t know who built their Pyramids; but, they did try to copy them! Couldn’t the Bosnian Pyramid be another clue to help us unlock our hidden past? Could the Pyramids have a purpose that we haven’t figured out yet?

            What do you think?


          2. rocks
            Most likely, Kennc was hiding inside a pyramid.

            But of course he is right – pyramid building was popular for a long time. Egyptian travellers might have seen a pyramid in Bosnia, or even just a mountain that looks like a pyramid. Then they could have gone home, and made some of those things for themselves. Being perfectionists (perhaps), they toiled and practiced, trying to achieve perfection.

            I am not making fun of them, I’m serious. Engineers can be very insistant, and they can hijack entire cultures just so they can advance their art. Remember von Braun and Korolev – they wanted to go to the moon, and they convinced the US and the USSR to support their efforts.

            Look at other engineering efforts. Linux and GNU are being done because the people involved want to do them. Not because anyone tells them to do it. Big companies support them out of monetary interest of course, but also because they know that they can’t stop these people. Can’t beat them, so you better join them.

            Ok, enough of this mini-rant.

            Back to the toes. There is a high-tech defense against uninvited toe-licking.

            You can wear shoes.

        1. Well we really don’t know
          who built the big pyramid in Egypt so you might have a point there kennc.
          I think that all the pyramids around the world could have been built by the same people.


          1. Pyramids built by…
            …wasn’t it the Enigmni, or the Omegons?

            I think pixies from Barbados made them while they were on their holidays. Think of them as pixie sand-castles, except less prone to tidal erosion.

            It’s Friday – we’ve got a long weekend ahead of us – I’m demob happy

            yer ol’ pal,

            (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

  4. Water car inventor murdered
    I saw this article linked from and found it very intriguing.

    I then tried doing a Google search using terms “Stanley Meyer” and “murder” expecting to get lots of hits to news sites reporting this. I didn’t find one.

    Is this story for real? I can’t find anything else on the net to back up this guy’s murder.

    yer ol’ pal,

    (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

      1. Dead guy
        The only thing I found on that was one brief mention that he did “suspiciously” of food poisining about 8 years ago and that was it. Nothing else.

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