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Chocolate-covered coffee beans aren’t working. I need a kiss to build a dream on…

  • Haven’t found an update to the “stonehenge” discovery in the Brazilian jungles, so here’s a repeat.
  • The discovery of a 4200-year-old temple and observatory in Peru forces a rethink of advanced culture in the Americas.
  • Take a tour of the USA’s seven greatest Stonehenge replicas. I never saw them in Chevy Chase’s Vacation movie.
  • New secrets emerge from a cave where archaeologists believe John the Baptist anointed many of his disciples. There’s a Plato joke there somewhere.
  • A Catholic group has called on Christians to starve themselves to death in protest at the release of The Da Vinci Code at cinemas in India. Dan Brown needs to write a controversial novel about extreme poverty in India.
  • Business leaders in the legendary Scottish town of Llangollen are hoping The Da Vinci Code movie will attract tourists with bulging wallets.
  • A false bottom in a Bohemian well could conceal a Nazi treasure (which they most probably stole from someone else after murdering them).
  • What’s in a name? The group of stars known as The Big Dipper in the Northern Hemisphere is the Southern Cross down under. You say tom-ay-toe, I say tom-ah-toe, let’s call the whole thing off.
  • A large fragment of a 145-million-year-old asteroid that punched a 100-mile hole in the Earth’s surface has been found.
  • Gary McKinnon, accused of perhaps the biggest computer hack in history, fears he will be sent to Guantanamo Bay if extradited to the US.
  • Merry Christmas to all! Australian Prime Minister John Howard is leaving a retirement present under our trees this year, but Scrooge is grumbling Bah Humbug!. Dubya won’t be giving you his resignation for your birthday this year, Kat; he won’t even send you a card.
  • Perhaps a present of biscuits can be left under Dubya’s Xmas tree? A mother in the US has been charged after allegedly helping her daughter make biscuits spiked with laxatives for a teacher. Reminds me of the guys who made hash cookies for two unsuspecting door-to-door mormons.
  • A new study suggests mammoths and other Ice Age animals failed to adapt to climate changes, rather than being wiped out by humans. But that’s not what happened in Ice Age 2!
  • The Legend of Hillbilly John — a film that started the Thunderbird craze. The mythical animal, not the puppets.
  • A bear shot dead by hunters last month has been confirmed by DNA tests to be half-grizzly, half-polar-bear. Avenge it, Iorek Byrnison!
  • A gender-bending chemical found in plastics makes female mice macho. Wait until you see Mrs Frisbee in the Rats of Nimh sequel!
  • Ever dreamed of being in a Bollywood film? Bollywood’s scrambling for foreigners. A lightbulb appears above my head, and just like that I have a reason for the protagonsist of my next novel to be in Bombay. Ask the Daily Grail genie, and your wish may be granted too.
  • Don’t Panic! The biggest map of the universe reveals colossal structures, but no hero named Wander riding a horse named Agro is found.
  • Interactive pretty lights may be the solution to keeping a child’s attention. It works on me.
  • A sixteen year old has invented a new way of producing electricity by harnessing the brawny power of bacteria.
  • Author Douglas Coupland is back to his Microserfs best (Amazon US or UK) with a new novel, Jpod (Amazon US or UK).
  • A wee video console is winning hearts at E3 — Nintendo’s Wii. Even Steven Spielberg is a fan of the Wii, but how does it compare to the Playstation 3? Awww, I want one to replace my Tamagotchi.

Quote of the Day:

Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on

Louis Armstrong, “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”