News Briefs 10-05-06

This is spinal tap.

  • Evidence for a young world.
  • How Lena’s dream saved Tony’s life.
  • Man may have caused prehistoric extinctions.
  • Ancient Crete more ancient than thought?
  • Proposals to recreate Stonehenge.
  • Plankton blooms linked to quakes.
  • Doom and demography.
  • Living without numbers or time.
  • Surely the hand of Allah.
  • Monolith may cast new light on Mesoamerica.
  • Giant ozone hole may be forming over Tibet.
  • Seeing more electricity in space.
  • Man to prove Hitler and Himmler were ancestors. Does he wish for fame that much?
  • The next green revolution.
  • Autistic brains may daydream less.
  • The 101 most dangerous academics in America.
  • Hacker fears UFO cover-up.

Quote of the Day:

As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it.

Mahatma Gandhi