News Briefs 05-05-2006

Let’s rant and rave-on, TDG fans – while we still can!

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

We laugh at the people who said that the world was flat, and they laughed at Galileo. The history books will just have to be rewritten from scratch, that’s all.

Semir Osmanagic, Bosnian pyramid hunter

  1. net censorship…..
    if we do not do something as a collective to halt this…….all we are doing now on this site will be impossible in a few years.
    We all have limited freedom in our lives no matter where you live……but if the chance to chat or blog freely is taken away..then the last bit of freedom is gone.

    this is serious…and just starting!

    1. Youtube
      Youtube is now useless. Anyone (yes, anyone) can flag anything on youtube as copyright infringement and get it yanked. In fact, groups of disgruntled users are systematically flagging everything on youtube to make a point.

      Tip: don’t link to youtube.

      1. Fixxored
        >>Tip: don’t link to youtube.

        I’ve edited in new links to ifilms videos, which I found very easily thanks to Sploid’s article Bush ‘ready to blow’ over Colbert. (Sorry it took me so long, but even I have to sleep some time.)

        Thanks for the heads-up. I didn’t have a clue about youtube’s problem since, before they yanked the videos, more than 500,000 people had watched at least the first part.


    2. You Make A Good Point!

      We need to take a stand against net censorship and we need to devise a plan now! But, there are two factors working against net censors! Firstly, there are groups working on rerouting traffic on the net to keep portions of it from getting overloaded. Part of this strategy is to get messages to rerout themselves at certain times and, in effect, creat new routs! Secondly, the net is too vast and complicated to effectively censor! Furthermore, the net grows and gets more complicated everyday. But, we should not be complacent! We still need to address this issue!

      What do you think?


      1. More to it…
        Maybe I should have been posting more about Net Neutrality:

        Net Neutrality: Why are the bad guys so much better at naming things?

        Fight for Net Neutrality Continues.

        Ed Whitacre. That’s a name you should remember. He’s the man who wants to destroy the free internet. He’s the man who’s paying Mike McCurry. Ed Whitacre. The CEO of AT&T.

        Net Neutrality Provision Rejected: Committee votes down a provision that would prohibit ISPs from blocking or slowing customers’ connections.

        A Gated Internet: The companies who build and control the Internet’s pipes want to control the content over those pipes, too.


        1. hi Kat
          Net Neutrality and censorship is two different things but, when the routers and protocols are in place to control data more efficently and with bias then censorship becomes very easy. Open chat will become dangerous as your IP will become more easily tracked. I know it is now but not to the exstent of what will come. Blogs and web sites that have any disident anti goverment sentiment will be choked.

          The firm grip of control tightens……………..

          1. More to it…
            >>Net Neutrality and censorship is two different things but…

            Yep – that’s why my subject-line said ‘More to it…’ πŸ˜‰

            If I understand this ‘net neutrality’ issue rightly, this is just another aspect of economic warfare, where corporate interests, mainly, would have the fastest loading websites and those with lesser means would have slower loading websites. I guess you could call it censorship via tedium. But the bottom line (arrgh, arrgh) is that some people **cough**Republicans**cough** just can’t stand the idea of a level playing field regardless of net worth.


          2. Kat and Thefloppy1!
            Guys (Non-Gender)

            From my perspective, everything is related to economics. The influential will have net freedom. Net neutrality is economic in nature and competition can keep the net somewhat neutral. Republicans and the vast majority of other groups don’t want a level playing field. Devices are being used to monitor the net; but, all search engines don’t let other search engines know what they are doing. So, there is a way to mask conversations. But, as much as I’d like net neutrality, I agree with thefloppy1 that we have to fight against censorship and, in doing so, find clever ways around it, not meet force with force! Remember that the people that are trying to run things aren’t nearly as good as they think that they are! But, their egos will never let them admit that to themselves!

            What do you think?


  2. Shyness
    New research published by the University of Sussex is adding fuel to the debate. It suggests that we have gone too far with making shyness into a disorder. The researchers say it’s more about society being uneasy with those who don’t conform to the assertive, gregarious standards of the 21st century…

    Thank the Gods there are sane people out there. It’s unbelievable. We shy people are diagnosed as having a disorder that needs to be cured, but opinionated extroverts are the next Indigo step in evolution? Grrrrr!

    I’m naturally a shy, quiet guy (heheh, I know, it’s hard to believe considering my rants and raves and proselityzing on TDG!), and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Society can go and get stuffed if it expects me to be like the opinionated, extroverted, self-centred, loud obnoxious wankers on Big Brother.

    Yeah, I’m quiet and shy, but I can be assertive when the time is right. I speak my mind when the time is right — the big difference between shy folks and extroverts is we perfer to listen to others more than we like to admire the sound of our own voices.

    I’m certainly the opposite of assertive and gregarious at parties, but I’m not pathologically shy either. Yet the majority of people I meet expect to know you under a minute (within seconds, in most people’s cases), and if they don’t they get bored and move on and don’t speak to you again the whole night. It’s their loss. The minority who don’t judge a book by its cover and spend a little bit of extra time, and actually MAKE AN EFFORT, end up becoming very close friends.

    So I’m going to turn into Mel Gibson’s Braveheart and swing a two-handed claymore at any who accuse me of needing medication for my shyness. That’s right you loud obnoxious impatient extroverted moronic psychopharmacological boors, go and GET STUFFED and STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE.

    Grrrr. How’s that for a rant?

  3. The Vatican Discredits Creationism! Interesting!

    Great news brief! I’m really enjoying it!

    The Vatican seems to firing an opening salvo against Protestant Fundamentalism and, to a point, against Protestantism in general! Personally, I hope that they do a job on each other!

    What do you think?


  4. Bosnian Pyramids
    That article contained nothing to substantiate the hoax claim. I have yet to see one expert opinion that refutes the crux of Osmanagic’s claims: the topography of the mountain is not natural, and the sandstone blocks are not natural, nor are they indigenous to the mountain.

    His critics, in trying to dismiss his theory, are engaged in less science than he is.

    1. I agree
      A pyramid in Europa would mess with the history timeline. I say too freaking bad. The truth is more importent then your bubble-world mentality. When it’s all uncovered. What can they do? How to explain a giant pyramid away?

    1. cyborgs?
      Uhh… Cybermen… of course… they’re cyborgs! So glad you cleared that up.

      Err, just so I’ll know what to edit, where exactly did I say they were robots?


      1. cyborgs!
        Well, you mentioned them in the same line as the World’s Fastest Walking Robot.

        Impressionable youngsters and those less well versed in the ways of nerdery may fall into the trap of believing that the Cybermen are robots. It would be a terrible shame if this occured, I know that I, personally, would be devestated and left a mere husk of an individual ;_;

        In other words, please don’t change your beautiful news post in any way on the mere whim of a pedant! πŸ™‚


        1. thats right and….
          thanks for the good chukkle…BTW, any reason, EH that your nick reflects the name of one of the greatest, if not the greatest writer of last century????? ( my opinion )

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