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Bumper sticker on my imaginary car — I Brake For Tribbles.

  • Yarr me mateys, the Argonaut of olde Greek lore is being recreated without the aid of modern tools and techniques. Tis true, you’re not being fleeced.
  • A British researcher claims to have located the mythical island of Ithaca. Dammit, I don’t want any visitors! Bugger off!
  • From Davey Jones’ Locker, graves of the Pacific’s first seafarers are revealed.
  • Stone tools found in Indonesia could be as old as 1.6-million-years.
  • Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient American Indian village near the Santa Fe city hall.
  • New Mexicans didn’t burn witches at the stake, they just threw them in jail.
  • The Hopi Tribe will bury the remains of more than 1500 Ancestral Puebloans and funerary objects during a closed ceremony at Mesa Verde National Park.
  • Chinese archaeologists have unearthed 30 beheaded skeletons dating more than 2000 years old.
  • A 1700-year-old tomb that could have belonged to a high-ranking noble is being excavated in Nanjing. With slideshow.
  • A stolen 9th century stone idol of all ten incarnations of Vishnu has been recovered from a New York apartment. The person responsible for smuggling it reportedly died in Afghanistan some time ago. Geez, they blame Al-Qaeda for everything these days.
  • Here’s a pic of Semir Osmanagic standing atop the paving stones of the Bosnian pyramid, giving a one-finger salute to his critics.
  • Australian archaeologist Royce Richards is a part of Semir’s team excavating Visocica hill.
  • A million-year-old ice sample from the Antarctic could yield vital clues on climate change, and give Jameske’s scotch an extra edge.
  • European car makers are accused of failing to boost fuel efficiency. They’ve also failed to make hover cars.
  • A major error has been discovered in the world’s biggest online climate prediction project, which runs on users’ computers when they are idle. Bill Gates has declined to comment.
  • A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe. Gives a whole new meaning to putting your face on.
  • America-originating spam is slowly decreasing, and spam from Asia and Europe is increasing. Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
  • For nearly 16 years puzzle enthusiasts have struggled to decipher a coded message stenciled into a sculpture on the grounds of the CIA … only to realise a typo could change everything.
  • Gary McKinnon is surprisingly modest for a man who perpetrated the biggest US military computer hack of all time. Free Gary!
  • Greg’s mentioned his chat with Colm Kelleher about the Skinwalker Ranch, and its mysteries are certainly in the news.
  • Where have all the UFOs gone, long time passing? If you scroll down a bit, Mac Tonnies will tell you what he thinks about the article. In the American Chronicle, R. Lee defends UFOlogy in a well-written editorial.
  • Chris French of the University of London, who believes sleep paralysis and The X-Files explain alien abductions. This article is basically a security blanket for people like Susan Clancy to feel warm and fuzzy at night.
  • Don’t laugh, that brat throwing a tantrum in line for a happy meal might be an Indigo Child. Does this mean Indigo Adults can behave the same way?
  • Here’s a PDF of a US Army report in ESP in animals. A dog told me about it.
  • Skepticism of the supernatural is gaining force in Malaysia.
  • Ancient tombs in Vietnam’s Kim Boi District are cloaked in supernatural mysteries. Great photo.
  • Loren Coleman discusses the (non)protection of the Nepalese Yeti and Johor Bigfoot. He also takes a well-aimed swing at the obnoxious Penn and Teller.
  • Lost creator JJ Abrams is to direct a new Star Trek film focusing on Kirk and Spock as brash young Starfleet cadets. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy will not reprise their roles. Memo to Abrams — quit monkeying around in Hollywood and put Lost out of its misery. How can a show with so much promise turn such repetitive sh*te?
  • Trekkies have mixed feelings, but Kat’s happy she can dust off the plastic Vulcan ears one last time.
  • The USS Enterprise’s five year mission continues in a brilliant fan-filmed online series. The actors involved have promised to not record a cover of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (A fan-made video for Shatner’s infamous cover).
  • A Star Wars fan thought she could publish a novel via Print On Demand, sell it on Amazon, and not breach copyright laws or make George Lucas squish her like Jabba the Hutt sitting on an Ewok. Her mistake was not having Jar Jar Binks the main character.

Quote of the Day

Oh Jar Jar, everyone hates you but me.

Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons