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Kat is busy nailing a certain President to a cross, so I’m filling in. Please excuse the smudges of chocolate I left all over the links.

  • Are you confused about the connection between rabbits and eggs? You can get explanations here and from New Moon Rising.
  • Can there ever be a reconciliation between science and religion? And if they divorce, will they get joint custody of the kids?
  • Controversy surrounds the Gospel of Judas recently revealed — the art dealer who “rescued” it from obscurity was detained several years ago in an Italian antiquities smuggling investigation. She stands to make as much as $2 million from deals involving the Gospel of Judas. Better than a Dan Brown novel.
  • Are fossils recently discovered in Africa the missing link in the chain of human evolution? You can see a terrific photo here (a big claim from such a small collection of bone fragments).
  • Geneticist Bruce Lahn says humans are evolving more rapidly — and more recently — than previously thought, but some radical thinkers say it’s not moving fast enough, and suggest it needs a little help from science.
  • Zoologists have found a fish in Africa that can move from water to land in the hunt for food.
  • New research says the length of a male lion’s mane is directly related to climate. The colder the climate, the longer and thicker the mane. Bald men across the world move to Siberia.
  • Here’s the trailer for the President-who-should-have-been Al Gore’s documentary on global climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. You can download it to your iPod too, Bill.
  • Australian researchers claim pharmaceutical companies are inventing diseases to sell more drugs.
  • In the near future, US tanks and vehicles may be protected by a hemispherical force-field. No word yet on a warp drive.
  • A high school student has won $250 in the Tallahassee Skeptics’ fake UFO photo contest. The laugh’s on them, the winner is an alien in disguise.
  • Infamous British hacker Gary McKinnon could end up in Guantanamo Bay without being tried in a US court of law if extradited, his lawyer has claimed.
  • Can dogs smell cancer? Wrigley the golden retriever can. I’ll ask my golden retriever, Macy, when I see her on Sunday.
  • Richard T. Crowe says he can smell ghosts. I think they used that in Ghostbusters.
  • Two women are holding a class on ghost hunting for the adventurous and curious. Prospective students who bring their own death certificates enrol for free.
  • It’s easy to scoff, but tales of Near Death Experiences are eerily similar.
  • A new study has found a link between the rapid-eye movement (REM) state of sleep and Near Death Experiences. This article from Nature has completely misrepresented the findings, as the study leader, neurologist Kevin Nelson, clearly stated it does not mean NDEs are dreams. I guess Nature just writes what it wants to, regardless of the actual study results Dr Nelson’s (and colleagues) cautioning that the study was retrospective and based on questionnaires.
  • REM = sleep. Goodnight.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.

Oscar Wilde