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Irish drinking songs have everything. Proof of the existence of God, man in song and chaos amidst order. Sing your songs.

  • Sunspots and earthquakes.
  • Predicting earthquakes from space. Earthquake precursors or background noise?
  • Physicists make a baffling discover: Chaos=Order. New concept, Chorder.
  • Cinnamon may prove useful for diabetes.
  • Lost photos confirm fossil finds.
  • Magnetic moondust is given the brush off.
  • What’s behind the solar systems biggest light shows?
  • Huge alcohol cloud stuns sky watchers. 100% Proof that God is Irish.
  • Ebola and the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
  • Caveman crooners may have aided early human life.
  • Some scientists think that humans descended from Martian microbes.
  • Why is a woman’s brain smaller than a man’s? Perhaps as I suggested on GHMB years ago – human beings applied breeding to themselves just as they did to other life. But with humans, morality, religion and social taboos may have been the method of achievement.
  • Einstein and his deadly error.
  • The case for evolution in real life.
  • Censorship: from Socrates and Copernicus to Galileo and the Present.
  • Astronomers watch the skies for threat of deadly impact.
  • Dinosaur tumour studied for human cancer clues.
  • Are morning-after pills abortion or contraception?
  • Kyoto and a climate of moralism.
  • Cutting calories may boost your lifespan.

Quote of the Day:

Speech is the socialism of song.