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I’ve plumbed the depths of my exhausted brain to bring you a mish-mash of news and information. I hit bottom pretty quickly.

  • Paid volunteers in a UK drug trial have suffered life-threatening effects, one victim expected to remain in a coma indefinitely.
  • An investigation by New Scientist suggests a catastrophic over-stimulation of the immune system may have caused the horrific reactions.
  • In an odd opinion piece, the UFO Iconoclast(s) think alien abductors are elitists who only probe the lower classes. Yeah, but they give me a lollipop.
  • NASA plans to send a manned mission to the dark side of the moon. I guess they’re trying to shake their harmless nice-guy image.
  • The best map ever made of the early universe has been revealed. Don’t panic.
  • Will the asteroid 99942 Apophis collide with Earth in 2029? Or will it hit the NASA spacecraft on its way to the dark side of the moon?
  • New evidence suggests that the universe expanded from subatomic to astronomical size in a fraction of a second after its birth.
  • If we could travel to distant stars and planets, could the human body withstand extended exposure to the harsh radiation of outer space?
  • Sun-spawned cosmic storms could be 50 percent stronger in the next 11-year solar cycle than the previous one, say scientists.
  • New analysis says Global Warming is responsible for the dramatic increase of intense hurricanes across the world.
  • Are cosmic rays from the stars causing Global Warming on Earth? Hollywood denies any wrongdoing.
  • Agent Mulder would have a different take on a Russian scientist’s bold theory that the Tunguska event accelerated Global Warming.
  • Could bits of the Earth blasted into space by asteroid impacts have carried life to Saturn’s moon Titan?
  • Evidence of a 3-million-year-old impact crater has been found off the coast of Antarctica.
  • The Pentagon’s defence scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled. Gives a whole new meaning to having ants in your pants.
  • Stanton Friedman is still touring the lecture circuit, talking about nuts and bolts UFOs.
  • If you like your UFOs with a dash of ancient history, try ThothWeb’s article about palaeoufology (my word, I just love the confusion of vowels) and ancient astronauts.
  • A tour of mysterious architecture in Oceania that didn’t make it into Graham Hancock’s Underworld. Ancient Tonga and the lost city of Mua. Speaking of which, remote sensors were recently used to probe Tonga’s ancient tombs.
  • Is there a South American connection to these strange pre-Maori ruins in New Zealand? Fantastic photos in first link.
  • Archaeologists in India discovered a 5000-year-old Harappan city recently.
  • A Chinese frog has been recorded as the first amphibian known to communicate using ultrasound.
  • Ground squirrels make an alarm call so high pitched, humans can’t hear it. Kat can’t hear their screams because she has her car stereo turned up too loud.
  • Screaming squirrels can’t explain Scotland’s mystery monsters from the sea.

Quote of the Day:

Wondering’s healthy. Broadens the mind. Opens you up to all sorts of stray thoughts and possibilities.

Charles de Lint