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I forgot to tick the “promoted to front page” box.

  • A prospector says he found 400 thumb-sized Buddha carvings washed up on the banks of the American River last month. Tibet’s Dalai Lama was seen buying a pan and shovel, sparking the Wild West’s Buddha Rush.
  • Statues of Ramses II, some weighing up to five tonnes, were found northeast of Cairo.
  • The skull of Nicolaus Copernicus, the revolutionary astronomer who proved the Earth revolves around the sun, has reportedly been found.
  • The remains of a vermillion-lacquered funeral boat were unearthed at Japan’s Suyama tomb.
  • The first translation of an ancient, self-proclaimed Gospel of Judas will be published in late April, shedding light on the mysterious Gnostic sect. A movie will follow, including a computer game and action figures.
  • Speaking of Dan Brown, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh’s copyright court case begins today.
  • Pompeii wasn’t the only town buried by the volcanic ash of Mt Vesuvius; welcome to Stabiae, population 0.
  • Advances in research techniques are allowing physical anthropologists to interpret ancient lives by a simple lock of hair or sliver of bone.
  • The Flores hobbit was small, but they packed a lot of smarts into their small noggins.
  • The mysterious prehistoric Bradshaw Paintings in northwestern Australia are at the centre of a dispute that could rewrite what we know about the origins of humans.
  • National Geographic has a great slideshow of prehistoric cave art from France.
  • The Globe and Mail has an interesting article discussing Graham Hancock’s Supernatural. There’s a terrific interview with Graham by Greg in issue 3 of Sub Rosa.
  • Like a John Cleese comedy, two new species of lemur have been identified.
  • Nice beaver. The discovery of a giant beaver fossil that lived when the dinosaurs roamed could challenge mainstream theories of mammal evolution.
  • Scientists say they have shown how male homosexuality could be passed from generation to generation — gay genes. That explains the product placement of Levis in Brokeback Mountain.
  • I forget what gingko biloba extract is used for, but medical researchers say it also reduces the risk of aggressive cancer in animal experiments. No lemurs were hurt.
  • Speaking of lemurs, here are some brand new pictures of Mars.
  • A new map of the Milky Way reveals millions of unseen objects.
  • A mysterious cosmic explosion has surprised astronomers completely baffled.
  • It might be a lemur. Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo history of the Abominable Snowman.
  • It’s not the title of an unpublished William Burroughs manuscript, but the naked skunk found under a porch had many scurrying for gasmasks.
  • As if Bill’s ranch wasn’t enough, the offbeat and weird oddities that make up the state of Texas.
  • Is there an alien buried in Aurora, Texas? With video.
  • Searching for answers to the unexplained, with veteran paranormal investigator Stan Gordon.
  • “I dislike words such as paranormal and supernatural,” says Josh Woltz. “Those things don’t exist, all that exists is just a natural world as yet undiscovered.”
  • The members of Harmony Metaphysical Church move from one dimension to another. Please don’t let the door-to-door mormons learn that trick.
  • At last, hidden passageways opened by fake books and secret rooms underneath stairs is now an affordable reality.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

If you haven’t discovered who you truly are, your assumed competence is just a wall of sand against the oncoming tide.

Tarthang Tulku