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News Briefs 15-02-06

Late, short and sour. Post your thoughts.

  • Islamo-bullies get a free ride from the West. The cartoons appeared with no complaint in Egypt back in October. So, in a like fashion with the IRA, MI6 infiltrators of Islamic groups stir things up near a vote for more government powers.
  • Biocosm: intelligent life is the architect of the universe. Why must there always be a creator of some sort? There is no mystery to that which has always existed.
  • Instant replay may help to mould memories. And incubation allows settlement.
  • When pills fail, electrical implants can mend brains damaged by Parkinson’s, stroke, and depression.
  • Iran attack: turning America into a Straussian totalitarian state.
  • Do aphrodisiacs really work? If electricity works for Parkinsons then perhaps electro-torture to the genitals…
  • When déjà vu is more than just an odd feeling.
  • South Pole detector could yield signs of extra dimensions.
  • Scientific blindness with Deep Impact and Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
  • Darwin’s warm pond theory tested and found wanting. But panspermia still lurks around.
  • Tiny moon, gigantic geyser. Should say something about current theory.
  • Secrets of the lost canyon.
  • Table-top nuclear fusion device developed.
  • Politics and suppression in the war on cancer.

Quote of the Day:

Hell is when you are smoking hash out of a human skull

Dick Birchum

  1. You’re not short and sour Jameske
    You’re tall and cute.

    I was interested to see you say that “there is no mystery to that which has always existed”.
    It sounds like a line from the Catholic Catechism…..
    God is, was, and always shall be.


  2. Thread Deleted
    A thread has been deleted here. All those who contributed, please take note. I’m sure you are all intelligent human beings, so please don’t devolve into a pack of monkeys throwing excrement at each other. Or if you do want to, find somewhere else to do it.

    Peace and Respect
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

    1. Damn. I can only assume it
      Damn. I can only assume it was my comment that sparked comments of devolution. I am sad now, I never read any of them 🙁 I’d really like to know how what I said caused devolution in others. Oh well.


    2. Clarification
      I’d just like to clarify that my “cartoon” post was made in jest at the original deleted posts, and the original poster’s death-threats. I was not making fun of Greg, nor was my post directed at his moderation of the offending posts. Greg gave the original poster every chance to cease their abusive posts, but when they continued, Greg was completely within his rights to delete the offending posts. It was nicely done. Most other websites would have deleted the posts and banned the original poster indefinitely, without warnings. Greg’s a fair administrator, but don’t push him.

      Anyways, I’ll leave the witty social commentaries to Bill Hicks quotes from now on. In the meantime, I have a cartoon to finish ….


  3. Free ride
    “I just didn’t expect the press to be among the first to wave the white flag.”…how odd, I didn’t expect anything else.

    I would think that most people don’t want to be told the objective truth; they mostly want to be told what they already think, above all, they don’t want to hear anything that might upset their personal apple-cart. I would think this applies to much of the whole spectrum of the available audience…some baptist yahoo in Wisconsin doesn’t want to hear about US bombs killing children in Iraq; some Muslim yahoo in Iraq doesn’t want to hear about how his view of Islam is full of what comes out of the south end of a camel.

    What drives the Western media? Money, pure and simple, with sporadic forays into truth, just so that somebody knows who should get the Pulitzers. The average US newspaper won’t live long and prosper if it spends much time telling Americans that they’ve killed many more Muslims than Muslims have killed Americans…it just wouldn’t sell. There isn’t much of any other way to interpret the behavior of the US media before the invasion of Iraq; they uncritically reported as fact every utterance of the US administration. Not until some papers started to smell a whiff of disaffection among a segemnt of the American audience did some hints about reality begin to appear, and the administration has been trying to stamp them out ever since.

    Not all the world is contaminated by money, some are seduced by power, which is just the same thing by another name; different means can achieve the same end. I don’t doubt that some of the Muslim whackadoodles in Iraq genuinely believe that they’re fighting for their faith, just as some American troops think they’re bringing some incalculable gift to that oversize cat-box of an artificial country, but the people who put those individuals into combat do so because they can and if that isn’t a naked exercise of power I can’t picture what is.

    It would be ever so nice if Christianity and Islam could divide the world into spheres of influence, much as the US and USSR once did, thus turning general war into off-and-on fringe conflicts but that isn’t going to happen until the dissenting voices get much more air-time than they now do; someday the two might even co-exist;don’t say I don’t dream big.

    Folks, raise your voices in protest, encourage others to do ditto, and perhaps fewer bodies might be coming back…just as it was the rising death-count that finally brought Viet Nam to a sort-of end. Who knows, perhaps it’s even possible that the so-called “Moderate” Muslims might prevail upon their coreligionists to stop pissing on their faith in so extravagant a way. This needs to happen, this must happen, or Islam will get the short end of the stick, much beauty will be lost, and the world will not benefit from fundamentalist Christians with even more power than they already have.

    The world as we know it hangs by a thread: On the one side, the engagingly naive, very powerful, mentally retarded Americans, on the other side, another bunch of wing-nuts who believe that violent death to friend and foe alike is the key to Paradise. Left to its own devices, this match-up will inevitably result in much of the Muslim world being erased from the face of the Earth by thermonuclear weapons; hopefully some folks don’t want that.

    We must do what we can, we must raise our voices until somebody listens…at this point I can’t help thinking that any other course is madness.

    That’s my gesture for the night…Peace to us all.

      1. BRAVO!
        Binro, you’re no heretic mate. You’re a prince among paupers, a scholar and a gentleman. Eloquently written, my friend, bravo! There are sensible, peaceful Americans and sensible, peaceful Muslims who totally agree with you, and to them also I dip my hat, ignored and downtrodden though they be.

        “Christian, Muslim, Jew, it’s true … all sons of Abraham. Co-Exist!” — Bono, U2.

        1. Shadow, Rico,
          you’re very kind; thank you.

          May I add, by way of postscript: We need to believe that there’s hope in Reason, not just because there’s no hope in anything else or because any other course of action results only in large numbers of people being turned into fertilizer…we need many people to use the lump of meat between their ears for something besides hearing only whichever voice screams the loudest or whichever voice demands the least thought from them. Spread the word…


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