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Late, short and sour. Post your thoughts.

  • Islamo-bullies get a free ride from the West. The cartoons appeared with no complaint in Egypt back in October. So, in a like fashion with the IRA, MI6 infiltrators of Islamic groups stir things up near a vote for more government powers.
  • Biocosm: intelligent life is the architect of the universe. Why must there always be a creator of some sort? There is no mystery to that which has always existed.
  • Instant replay may help to mould memories. And incubation allows settlement.
  • When pills fail, electrical implants can mend brains damaged by Parkinson’s, stroke, and depression.
  • Iran attack: turning America into a Straussian totalitarian state.
  • Do aphrodisiacs really work? If electricity works for Parkinsons then perhaps electro-torture to the genitals…
  • When déjà vu is more than just an odd feeling.
  • South Pole detector could yield signs of extra dimensions.
  • Scientific blindness with Deep Impact and Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
  • Darwin’s warm pond theory tested and found wanting. But panspermia still lurks around.
  • Tiny moon, gigantic geyser. Should say something about current theory.
  • Secrets of the lost canyon.
  • Table-top nuclear fusion device developed.
  • Politics and suppression in the war on cancer.

Quote of the Day:

Hell is when you are smoking hash out of a human skull

Dick Birchum