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I used my halo to cook perfectly-round pancakes. Mmmm-mmmm.

  • Zahi-free news about the intact tomb found just meters from Tutankhamen’s burial chamber.
  • Even better, pictures and video of the tomb excavation. Contains Zahi, but he’s very pixelated.
  • If you’re itching for more, here’s a slideshow of the tomb.
  • Italian researchers have pieced together fragments of a first-century BC Greek treatise.
  • The handwritten minutes of a 17th century Royal Society meeting has been discovered, if a little dusty.
  • Aha, an article with a picture of the minutes! I wonder what a graphologist would say about Robert Hooke’s handwriting?
  • Unfortunately, the Royal Society today can’t afford to buy the minutes, and are asking for help.
  • A 19th Century Russian manuscript describes a UFO encounter above the Kremlin.
  • Not all manuscripts have a happy ending in Russia, but the World War II accounts of Vasily Grossman provide a harrowing view of the Soviet soldier’s struggle to survive – and not just against the Germans.
  • Vasily doesn’t mention UFO sightings, but in other parts of the WWII sky, Foo Fighters were mystifying everyone.
  • FATE magazine discusses an underwater extraterrestrial base off the coast of California. Surf’s up, Arnie!
  • A tale of bright lights in the Galveston night sky, and attempts by eyewitnesses to explain them.
  • What was the UFO witnessed by four Indian scientists during a 2004 expedition in the Himalayas?
  • In the 1970s, Harold Stephens conducted the first expedition to find Orang Dalam — Malaysia’s Bigfoot.
  • US officials have told the Patong Times that UFOs do not exist and “even if they did they certainly wouldn’t know anything about it.” Read the rest, it’s hilarious — but it might offend Belgians.
  • Nut-and-bolts spacecraft, or beings from parallel dimensions? An excellent interview with Dr Jacques Vallee.
  • A neutrino detector at the South Pole could provide evidence of extra dimensions. Philip Pullman got the wrong pole, but I can’t wait to meet my daemon.
  • Virgin Galactic and the US State of New Mexico have reached an historic agreement to build a $200million spaceport.
  • The mission to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa has been lost in the filing cabinets of NASA’s accountants.
  • The Nhakla Mars meteorite may have held evidence of life.
  • Alien life on Aurelia and Blue Moon, according to NASA and SETI project researchers (and artists!).
  • How can we recognise nonhuman intelligence if it’s completely alien? Sometimes I have trouble recognising human intelligence.
  • On the streets of Kinshasa in Africa, thousands of children accused of witchcraft beg for food.
  • Kinda makes Valentine’s Day, and it’s occult origins, a little less important, doesn’t it?

Quote of the Day:

We need to open the full spectrum of potential hypotheses instead of simply selecting data that fit our preconceptions.

Dr Jacques Vallee