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Ancient Egypt is the big story, with an update due later today. Excrement has just hit multiple fans in Washington. Jameske, Tox and Rico inspired a closer look at a few of our modern myths – religion, politics, culture. So if any of these topics – or a little off-color language – typically disturb your soul, you might want to avoid the second half of today’s news. Also, you may need to log in (enter ‘dailygrail’ and ‘article’) at the nytimes and washpost.

Quote of the Day:

There are racists, bigots and criminals in all countries, and it is the duty of the respectful and reasonable to reach out to each other. Let us hope that, instead of emboldening the bigots, this sorry affair will bring all open-minded, tolerant and reasonable people from the Arab, Muslim, Norwegian, Danish and European communities together, to unite in a continued struggle of reason against prejudice, open-mindedness against bigotry, and humanity against racism.

Arab and Muslim youth in their apology for the recent violence.