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Every story paints a picture.

  • Mutant algae is hydrogen factory.
  • Were ancient Minoans centuries ahead of their time?
  • Anthropologists now champion the theory that the paintings of Ancient Europe were the work of shamans in trance states, induced by psilocybin. Of course, no human beings in ordinary states of consciousness would ever want to paint. The very thought!
  • Pompeii of the East discovered.
  • Europe’s little ice age linked to Bubonic plague.
  • Cavemen preferred blonde rock chicks.
  • How to be happy. Switch off the TV…
  • To Mars in hours.
  • The dark side of China’s rise.
  • Through the looking glass.
  • The trouble with the Turing Test.
  • The age of neuroelectronics.
  • Evidence of children’s UFO and extraterrestrial encounters to be presented at UN conference.
  • Life beyond earth and the mind of man.
  • The unsolved mystery of the Oklahoma city bombing.
  • In the dark on matter.
  • Phoenician temple found in Sicily.

Quote of the Day:

People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.

Ralph Waldo Emerson