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A little beauty to begin with, as the rest will make you itch with nervousness.

  • Russia’s snow and ice festival. A little out of date but worth a look.
  • UN unveils gargantuan world taxation plan. Note: This article is now premium content at The Independent, but you can read a copy of the article here. (Scroll down just a tad.)
  • Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets melting.
  • Turbulence yields secrets to 73 year-old experiment.
  • Using sound waves to induce nuclear fusion.
  • Use your brain, halve your risk of dementia.
  • Secrets of the sea yield stronger artificial bone.
  • The electron and the light-quant from the experimental point of view.
  • Inventor develops artificial gills.
  • Morality on the brain.
  • Viva Lamarck: a brief history of the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
  • Mysterious plague of worms hits Mafikeng.
  • Was Hitler a British agent?
  • Sensors, filters and the source of reality.
  • Science in the 21st Century: knowledge monopolies and research cartels.
  • Cosmic rays linked to cloudy days.

Quote of the Day:

All things are subject to interpretation – whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.