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Spiraling to fruition…

  • New evidence suggests brain parasites may be altering the personalities of three billion people. Humm, Zimmer fails to consider that humans were Smilodon snacks until 10,000 years ago…
  • Study suggests why Neanderthals vanished.
  • America’s Arcane Origins.
  • Mysticism and UFO Sightings.
  • Monster Hunter: Nick Redfern interviews Jon Downes, the director of the British-based Center For Fortean Zoology.
  • The Lost Pyramids of Guimar, and their relation to Thor Heyerdahl’s quest.
  • The truth about the death of Lord Herbert Kitchener, from perhaps the only man alive who knows the secret.
  • Dr. Pim van Lommel, a leading cardiologist, to talk at London conference about Near Death Experiences.
  • In his new memoir, Riding Rockets (Amazon US & UK), astronaut Mike Mullane calls the Space Shuttle the most dangerous spacecraft ever flown, by anybody. (Interesting article, but that imbedded video link is a waste of time, imho.)
  • A Dirty Space Smashup: Ancient asteriod collision may have scattered dust over Earth and cooled climate.
  • We have lift-off – of the New Horizons spacecraft. (with photos)
  • Happily, this article explains what frustrated systems are before it tells about a new way to explore them.
  • Nuclear power ‘cannot tackle climate change’.
  • Warmer seas will wipe out plankton. Scientists warn of catastrophic implications for entire marine habitat.
  • Earth’s Limited Supply of Metals Raises Concern.
  • Loss of birds, bees and other pollinators places plants at risk.
  • Six Ex-Chiefs of E.P.A. Urge Action on Greenhouse Gases.
  • Is It Warm in Here? We Could Be Ignoring the Biggest Story in Our History.
  • New compound stops brain cell degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Surgeons to put patients in suspended animation and drain their blood before carrying out life-saving emergency surgery.
  • The Nine Underworlds of the Mayan Cosmos, and their corresponding levels of Consciousness.
  • Mayan Calendar: The Beginning of the Fourth NIGHT.
  • In the U.S., more than 50% of students who are nearing completion of 4-year college degrees, and more than 75% nearing completion of 2-year college degrees are so illiterate they cannot handle common tasks such as understanding the arguments of newspaper editorials, balancing a checkbook, or estimating if their car has enough gas to get to the service station.
  • Could this ‘common task illiteracy’ be due to too much uncommon literacy?
  • In the society where many people under 30 get their news from Jon Stewart, truth and fiction have become indistinquishable, interchangable.
  • Remember me mentioning Saint Mongo recently? He’s reverted to the name Prince Mongo, but he’s still a crash-course in eccentricity all by himself.
  • Another take on the voracious aliens that are sucking the human mind dry.
  • Strange fish washes ashore in the Cayman Islands, baffles locals. Best cryptid photos in quite a while. What the heck is that?
  • Edited to include The Cosmic Conversation: How can lifeless particles evolve into living things? They basically talk themselves into it, a group of scientists say.

Thanks Isis – and Richard.

Quote of the Day:

It is not their intention to destroy… Their intention is to feed for as long as possible on the tremendous energies generated by the evolutionary struggle. Their purpose, therefore, is to prevent man from discovering the worlds inside himself, to keep his attention directed outwards. What would man be like if he could destroy these vampires, or drive them away? The first result would certainly be a tremendous sense of mental relief, a vanishing oppression, a surge of energy and optimism. Then man’s energies would turn inward. He would discover that he has many ‘selves’, and that his higher ‘selves’ are what his ancestors would have called gods.

Colin Wilson, The Mind Parasites