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Nearly forgot the news.

  • Gigantic European pyramid seems to have escaped experts notice.
  • Hardwired to seek beauty.
  • Powerful new ion engine revealed.
  • fUnderwater hotel construction begins next month.
  • Do not offend water: it remembers every word you say.
  • Is Wales the resting place of the Holy Grail?
  • Chinese map may alter world history.
  • Petra to become one of 7 wonders?
  • Is Mount Fuji about to blow?
  • Titan and its rilles.
  • The truth about science.
  • Plant methane surprises climate scientists.
  • Fossil fuel theory takes a hit with NASA find.
  • Enron, the smoking cannon of 911.
  • Thinking right on being left.
  • Irish warlord boasts 3 million descendents. Not all in one generation.

Quote of the Day:

Where fear is present, wisdom cannot be