News Briefs 02-01-2006

Humm, maybe an aerial view would be more enlightening… Let’s all take a flying leap into 2006.

Quote of the Day:

Wow! Brazil is big.

George W. Bush, after being shown a map of Brazil by Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

  1. A love story
    I love the story of the woman marrying the dolphin, although I have to wonder if the groom actually understands his responsibility to his new wife.


    1. Love?
      I’m not sure what it is – obsession, maybe – but that’s definitely not a love story! There’s more evidence of true affection in this story. At the time I posted it, I just knew you’d love it, but I think you may have missed it while in hospital.

      Glad you’re feeling well enough to be back at your computer.


      1. That story made me cry!
        Kat, that story is beautiful!
        Don’t you wonder what people are missing when they don’t bother with animals?
        My animals know I cannot walk and are now so protective of me they nearly drive me nuts.
        Pepe spends hours licking my toes trying to get my legs better.That is all he can reach for the plaster.
        Daphne has not left my side since I came home.
        Captain sits on my lap and tries to remove the plaster from my legs by pulling at it with his beak.
        When I was in hospital I used to put my hand down in the bed and feel for the dogs and they weren’t there.
        They are all determined to make me well again.

        Please give your kitty kats a special kiss and hug from me, and happy happy New Year to you all.

        love shadows

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