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E-Paper could make Harry Potter‘s moving photos a reality, but as you’ll discover below, there’s a price to pay.

  • Archaeologists unearth evidence of ancient ‘shock and awe’.
  • Shakespeare’s FX: a clue to the longstanding mystery of the floating dagger in Macbeth has been found in John Dee’s preface to Euclid’s Geometry.
  • Atlantis: the Andes Solution.
  • Mysterious granite slab slows Chesapeake Bay impact crater probe.
  • The deep-sea floor is an area of 300 million square kilometres. Scientists’ census of marine life has, to date, sampled an area equal to a few football pitches. More, including a photo of a real alien: physconect siphonophore.
  • Fish with chips dish up ocean’s secrets.
  • High ozone levels in the mountains of Tibet are caused by a Taylor column formed in rivers of air.
  • What can we do with the excess of CO2? Put it into the ground to help pump more oil.
  • Astronomical Battle of the Titans: The Cosmic Shredder vs. the Magnetar.
  • Japan’s Hayabusa probe may now be damaged goods, but it generated priceless data for future treks to ‘small cosmic bodies’ – and for defending Earth from asteroids.
  • Methane-producing microbes under Greenland’s ice sheet may preview finds under Mars’ surface.
  • Aspiring astronauts beware: training for a space mission is a daunting mental and physical challenge.
  • Research shows meditation changes the physical structure of the brain, and can strengthen the mind for years to come.
  • Scientists are studying the brain of Kim Peek, the real-life Rain Man who has memorized 9,000 books.
  • Migraines: They may feel like a hole in your head, but they may actually be caused by a hole in your heart.
  • Researchers find that chimps only imitate when they think there may be a purpose to it, but are puzzled to find that children overimitate clearly purposeless behavior.
  • This year has been the warmest on record in the northern hemisphere, say scientists in Britain.
  • Amazon’s trees are older and grow slower than previously believed.
  • Searching the web is more complicated than you think.
  • E-Paper’s Killer Ap: Think the Flash ad banners on certain websites are annoying? A new display technology promises to put pulsating electronic signs on practically everything.
  • Skin-color gene sheds light on why skin isn’t simply brown or white, but many shades in between.
  • Forget mutations: geneticists are hunting for subtler changes to DNA.
  • Lyle Craker, head of the University of Massachusetts medicinal plant program, says government-grown marijuana lacks the potency medical researchers need to make important breakthroughs.
  • Hustler‘s November interview with Dr. Stephen Greer on UFOs, current research into zero-point energy and antigravity technology, the death of CIA Director William Colby, and more.
  • Fox Newsderisive video interview with Paul Hellyer, who recently called for Canadian government hearings on relations with ETs. The question is, why would Fox News bother to so flagrantly belittle him?
  • Peer review finds that Wikipedia’s science articles are almost as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Sun Standing Still: Celebrating the winter solstice.
  • The Unacknowledged Threat: Secret and Covert Operations by the USA.
  • Pundit says, having found globalism too confining, the New World Order is now reaching for a much higher goal. 😉
  • After divers untangled her from crab lines, a humpback whale nuzzled her saviors in thanks.

Quote of the Day:

Things don’t ‘fall’ normally around small cosmic bodies. The local gravity is so low that any lateral velocity has an exaggerated effect. The behavior of objects around asteroids is counter-intuitive, if not absolutely chaotic. Because of this low gravity, we B612’ers talk about ‘docking with’ a near Earth object and not ‘landing on’ one.

Russell Schweickart, former Apollo astronaut and B612 Foundation chairman