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Don’t be surprised if you find something here that contradicts your beliefs. That’s the idea.

  • Changes to ocean currents in the Atlantic may cool European weather within a few decades. Note: Even if the trend is confirmed by further data, it could be down to natural variability rather than human-induced global temperature change. Congratulations to the BBC on accurate reporting. CNN’s a joke.
  • A scientist in Scotland has discovered tracks made by a huge water scorpion 330-million years ago, the first of the species ever discovered and the only evidence showing it could survive outside of the water.
  • Illinois yields a bounty of Mastodons and Mammoths.
  • Some of the earliest animals had human-like genes.
  • A Texas A&M University researcher places the age of rocks found in Mexico containing possible human footprints at over 1.3 million years. The generally accepted date for the arrival of humans in North America, across a northern land-bridge from Asia, is 11,000 years ago. This researcher may have a shortened career for truth-telling. Footprint claims challenged.
  • The discovery of canals in the Peruvian Andes shows early civilization there had irrigation technology for intensive agriculture.
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything is what its title implies: a brief and easy-to-digest history of a few of the most fundamental aspects of the universe, our planet and life as we know it. Might be a good Xmas gift or read. Available at Amazon US or UK.
  • What was the purpose of Stonehenge ?
  • The much-anticipated King Tutankhamun exhibit has provoked discussion about the historical portrayals of ancient Egyptians.
  • Creativity is linked to sexual success. No surprise here.
  • Researchers have discovered a fear gene.
  • Scientists embrace plan for cyberhugs. If you can’t see where this is going you have no imagination.
  • Intelligent design is apparent for all to see.
  • A recently discovered secret flying-saucer base found in New Mexico has connections to the Church of Scientology.
  • Believing in medicine may help it work. Sounds like religion.
  • If you’re a loitering teenager, beware the Mosquito.
  • Surgeons in France have carried out the first face transplant.
  • ‘Tears’ from the Virgin Mary draw a crowd.
  • It’s that global warming thing again.
  • A contaminated kiss kills a Canadian teenager.
  • A proposed history curriculum in Norway omits the world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, and does not mention the topics of Nazism or Communism. That will simplify things.
  • Japanese researchers have found that, like human beings, monkeys have an accent depending on where they live.
  • Mankind has to tackle new biological threats.
  • Australia reconsiders a nuclear future.
  • Scientists have announced the discovery of the precise age of the moon, give or take 10 million years – it is 4,527 million years old.
  • Saturn’s planet-size moon Titan has dramatic weather, with freezing temperatures, carbon- and nitrogen-rich clouds and possibly lightning.
  • One of Saturn’s rings is actually a spiral.
  • Life would have been rough on ancient Mars.
  • Mars Express detects subsurface ice and minerals linked to liquid water. There’s the fuel for the return trip.
  • Everything you knew about Mars is wrong — or nearly everything, say European and American space scientists studying compelling new data from the Mars-orbiting Mars Express spacecraft. Is it red?

Quote of the Day

If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.

J. A. Wheeler