News Briefs 25-11-2005

Umm, the news is late because yesterday I was engaged in a scientific experiment to find out if eating turkey makes you sleepy. 😉

  • Archaeologists say rain is eroding Acropolis foundations.
  • Researchers figure out what killed Chile’s mystery mummies.
  • Earliest animals had human-like genes.
  • Former Canadian Minister of Defence asks Parliament to hold hearings on Exopolitics, i.e. relations with ETs, and says, ‘UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head.’
  • Scientists, be on guard… ETs might be malicious hackers.
  • Huge chunks of the Earth’s crust crashed into the edge of the core 2.2bn years ago, possibly changing the speed of rotation and length of the day.
  • Japan’s space probe to make another attempt at landing on asteroid today.
  • Astronauts could just jump: Asteroids, rather than the moon or Mars, should be the next target for manned space flight.
  • NASA gets approval to purchase Russian Soyuz spacecraft to transfer astronauts and supplies to the International Space Station.
  • Billionaire to launch his brainchild, the Falcon rocket, tonight.
  • Dark energy refuses to fade away.
  • Theoretical chemists find that electrons quantum-mechanically tunnel through water molecules between nestled proteins, and the proteins seem to guide such electrons from place to place.
  • Cells co-opt the machinery that usually repairs broken strands of DNA to protect the integrity of chromosomes.
  • Holographic-memory discs are about the same size as DVDs but hold 60 times more data, read and write data 10 times faster, and are set to go on sale in 2006.
  • CO2 and methane at highest atmospheric levels in 650,000 years.
  • Pacific Atlantis: first (contemporary) climate change refugees lose battle against rising tide.
  • New Orleans will be completely surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico in just 90 years.
  • Volcano on Antarctic island flips its lid: fire and ice caught on camera.
  • China’s toxic chemical leak was 100 metric tons. Downstream, pollution fear grips Russian city. Looks like we’re all going to get a taste.
  • Ocean levels are rising twice as fast today as they were 150 years ago, and human-induced warming appears to be the culprit.
  • Scientists discover singing iceberg.
  • New ice core studies extend record of Earth’s past climate almost 50 percent further, adding another 210,000 years of definitive data.
  • CSI Alert: gunshot residue analysis is not as reliable as the prosecution claims.
  • Cloning expert resigns, apologises for ‘shameful and horrible’ ethical lapses.
  • Newly declassified documents show Nixon tried to come up with alternative to military’s vision of apocalyptic nuclear war.
  • America’s Army, a hugely popular computer game, is being increasingly used as a training tool by military.
  • Harry Potter takes broom-ride to the International Space Station, at the request of ISS Commander Bill McArthur.
  • Scatterbrained? You Need a Thought Bouncer.
  • Online dating sites accused of deception. I’m shocked – shocked, I tell you!

Quote of the Day:

In one of his books, Terry Pratchett said, the dice play gods with the universe. Magicians load the dice.

Anonymous, on Wicca