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News Briefs 18-11-2005

Kat is having a battle with her computer today, so I’m stepping out of poliblog-land again to bring you some sweetmeats for the weekend.

Quote of the Day:

Nothing in the world is a gift. Whatever there is to learn has to be learned the hard way.
Don Juan – Carlos Casteneda

  1. comment for DJ
    ‘spose I’m dating meself as a child of the 60’s, but can’t help but believe that most of the “good” things in life ARE free – starting with Life, itself!

    Freedom really is free, a gift of the Universe/UltimateReality/ God – certainly it is a gift that no human being could ever creat or confer to another. The ability and inborn willingness, if not necessity to believe in a Reality that extends beyond the senses and the realm of Science – is free. Real Love must be freely given, and cannot be bought, traded or bargained for. How does one “work” for Joy or Delight unless the Source of that Delight gives it freely. (This Delight is the that which does not fade, something like a great piece of music might continue to impart after hundreds of years. a la Bach or Beethoven).

    Why do some believe in and make the search for a higher reality the guiding principle and force of their lives? I find the notion of a “God gene” to be simply absurd. Aspiration, one of the greatest, if not the greatest gifts, is free. No one can say that he/she earned that urge to return to the Source by any action or desire of one’s own. One may have tended and watered that most tender plant with one’s one spiritual seeking and inner efforts, but the original seed or flame comes from the Real, and is free.

    enuf already,

    tee hee… 🙂

  2. Yipyar
    Nice to have you back Cernig, even if it was just for the day!

    Peace and Respect
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Howdy C
        Nice to get away from the political stuff for a few hours.

        A “few hours”? Follow my lead, C, and make it a few years! Your hair grows back, your skin looks healthier, you have more spring in your step, and you whistle Zippity-do-dah with full gusto.

        Great to see ya back mate!

        Also, I hope my advice to Kat on computer monitors didn’t contribute to her computer woes … heheh. The blind following the blind. =D


  3. Re: News Briefs 18-11-2005 – Earth’s evil twin
    I just finished re-reading Velikovski’s “worlds in collision”. A treamendous work that, in my humble opinion, completely defines the origins of Venus and most world religions. I highly recommend that anyone of “alternative” mind get ahold of this book and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride!

    1. Velikovksy
      Velikovsky did the work in South America, and Tiahuanaco? Or am I mistaking him for someone else?

      I’ve had Velikovksy on my to-read-list for years now, and considering how high the stack of books on my desk is, it’ll probably be another few years til I get around to reading his works.

      Cheers Nibiru,


  4. WMDs
    Firstly, I must stress that I am not supporting Bush’s war in Iraq, nor his claim that Iraq have WMDs.

    However, the interview with Bill Tierney is a timely reminder of how long the Iraqi Government continually played with UN weapons inspectors throughout the 1990s. The Iraqi Government taunted them, tricked them, harrassed them and never once co-operated with them with full honesty and transparency. This went on for almost a decade. IT’s not a case of UN inspectors finding nothing during the 1990s, but rather they weren’t allowed to find anything.

    This doesn’t justify Bush’s war in Iraq, but it’s important nonetheless.

      1. Civilian Purposes
        I suspect that was uranium from Iraq’s civilian power generation program. Every nation is allowed, by international agreement, to have such a program. That’s part of why the IAEA was set up.

        If just possessing enriched uranium constitutes having WMD then just about every university in the US should be invaded. However, it takes highly enriched uranium to build a bomb. That’s a technical term, by the way, denoting the difference between 3% enrichment and 90% enrichment. The fact that the material collected that you reference was mostly dust also shows it was likely for power generation, as material for bombs has to be converted into ingots first.

        Regards, C

        1. Enriched uranuim
          Hi Cernig,

          It doesn’t state the degree of enrichment. If it was low, all it takes to make it highly enriched is yellow cake. Further, there’s a market for the stuff for makers of dirty bombs or nations seeking to make more potent weapons. Power generation does not require enriched uranium. Iraq’s nuclear generators were destroyed when they began to produce this stuff.


          1. Uranium Power
            Power generation does not require enriched uranium Yes, it does. Follow the link I gave. Actually, yellowcake doesn’t help a damn in enriching uranium. Yellowcake is raw uranium ore. You enrich uranium using gas centrifuges. Again, its all in the link.

            And it doesnt need to state the degree of enrichment. “Enriched uranium” and “highly enriched uranium” are technical terms in the nuclear industry denoting the difference between 3% enriched with U235 (for power generation) and far higher enrichment (up to at least 90% U235 for a nuke bomb)- and the BBC use those terms correctly. If it doesnt say “highly” enriched then it doesn’t mean “highly” enriched.

            However, you are right about it being useful for dirty bombs, as it is still radioactive and if subjected to an explosion can form highly toxic uranium compounds. Mind you, the same could be said for the hundreds of tons of “depleted” uranium (another technical term denoting less than 0.2% U235)that the US and UK fired into the desert in Iraq which is now just lying around waiting to be picked up. For that matter, though, its possible to buy a black market nuke for a million bucks or so – and a lot easier than making a “dirty bomb”. ITN did so back in 2001 from the Russian mafia. Or just blow up a nuclear research lab. Instant dirty bomb and no transport/smuggling problems. What, you dont watch ABC? As I said earlier, should we send the Marines in to invade MIT and UT at Austin?

            Regards, C

          2. Yellowcake

            Yellowcake is raw uranium ore.

            No, yellowcake is not raw uranium ore. Yellowcake is milled uranium oxide, U3O8. It is the first step to enrichment. The next step is to convert it to UF6.

            From there it’s a matter of enrichment. As I said, all you need is some yellowcake. And SH had it, 1.77 metric tons. And no reactor.

            The BBC doesn’t know what an acronym is. Are you sure they know the difference between enriched and highly enriched. Apparently, they didn’t know what the “radioactive devices” were.

            Neither MIT or UT have a UN Resolution against them to declare and destroy WMDs. The government is well aware of their activities.


          3. Theres cake, and then there’s eating it.
            From Wikipedia:

            Yellowcake (also known as urania and uranic oxide) is concentrated uranium oxide, obtained through the milling of uranium ore. It is usually represented by the formula U3O8. It is radioactive, forming a coarse powder which is insoluble in water and contains about 80% uranium oxide, and melts at approximately 2878°C. It is created by passing raw uranium ore through crushers and grinders to produce “pulped” ore. This is then bathed in sulfuric acid to leach out the uranium. Yellowcake is what remains after drying and filtering.

            Yellowcake is unenriched uranium and cannot by itself be used for a nuclear weapon. In a reactor, however, it may be used to create plutonium, which can be used in weapons. It may also be enriched, by being converted to uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6), for isotope separation by diffusion or centrifugal force to produce enriched uranium suitable for use in weapons and reactors.

            Does that settle the science part?

            Neither MIT or UT have a UN Resolution against them to declare and destroy WMDs. The government is well aware of their activities.

            Turns out SH had destroyed all his WMDs. Shall we talk about, say, Pakistan now? No. let’s not. It would be like debating whether or not Iraq under SH was the numero uno clear and present danger such that it needed invading right then. Neither will convince the other. And besides, the consensus is to leave politics out of TDG. Drop by Newshog sometime, though and we can have the debate there. Newshog is one year old tomorrow, and was begun the last time everyone was complaining about politics on TDG. plus ca change, eh?

            Regards, C

          4. Yellowcake and tea
            A few years ago they found yellowcake in a shipment of steal from Iraq (or it might have been to Iraq, I can’t remember the exact details) in Holland.

            Considering the French were selling arms to Iraq, even during the current war, it’s most likely Iraq tried to get other stuff. They definitely were prior to the first Gulf War, but after that, I think their WMD/chemical weapons program was stuttering and decaying due to economic sanctions, and was never the same as it used to be.

            Was the Iraqi Government screwing with the UN weapon inspectors during the 1990s just because they enjoyed it, or were they really hiding something? The recent war in Iraq suggests they were just enjoying screwing the UN around.

            Personally, I think you’re both right, Bill and C. 😉

            My head hurts, I need a nap.

          5. The whole bloody point is moot
            When you consider that the US has enough WMD to wipe out the entire world over and over.
            And when you think about it, the US has used WMD against other countries and Iraq has not.


          6. The Kurds
            Kurdistan and Iran, Shadows. 😉

            Saddam Hussein and his family were WMDs. Bush is also a WMD. One down, one to go.

  5. Congratulations “Cernig”
    WOW! One year old today, that’s pretty good.I check newshog just about every day.
    Keep it up, we need it.

    And thanks for the news.


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