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  • A Scottish man diagnosed with HIV is now completely free of the virus, and no one knows how or why.
  • Satanic curses: demonic possession, and the case of Emily Rose. By the way, Greg, the Vatican keeps emailing me about TDG.
  • Rosslyn, Templars, Gypsies, oh my! The Battle of Bannockburn is also in the mix.
  • Have Rosslyn Chapel’s extraordinary carvings been explained at last? It’s all a gypsy trick, those tricksy gypsies.
  • A Professor says he can explain all with his Theory Of Everything. He’s quite a modest guy.
  • Don’t panic, but a swelling wormhole could engulf the universe!
  • Are we all aliens? The new case for Panspermia (which isn’t a male premature ejaculation problem).
  • Hardy lichens can survive unprotected in the harsh conditions of space. You should see the lichen in the toilets of the International Space Station.
  • Engineering aliens: accounting for a variety of life forms that don’t fit in the current sysem. Life As We Do Not Know It: The NASA Search for (and Synthesis Of) Alien Life by Peter Ward (Amazon US or UK).
  • Does a scientific report confirm an alien presence in Puerto Rico? Yes, Americans are now fleeing the tyranny of Bush and entering Puerto Rico illegally.
  • For a team of award- winning Scottish film-makers, the mysterious Marfa Lights, far away in Texas, are the inspiration for a new film. At last, Bill and Cernig are getting together.
  • Here’s part one of an excellent interview with UFOlogist Grant Cameron, talking about UFOs, Canada, Disclosure, and the Presidents. Audio.
  • An inventor has successfully patented an anti-gravity space vehicle, drawing the ire of physicists (who are only jealous they didn’t think of patenting it first).
  • Remember the new species of lemur found in Madagascar that I jokingly compared to John Cleese? It’s been named after him!
  • The mysterious beast of Sengbeh, that ate the entrails of its victims and terrorised the people of Sierra Leone for months, has been killed.
  • Stories of a lake monster in Northwestern China are attracting tourists and creating more interest in the paranormal.
  • Once protected as an endangered species, a mythical monster in a Swedish lake is now fair game for hunters. I hope it eats them.
  • You all know of the chupacabra, but have you heard of Latin America’s Cucuy, a small humanoid with glowing red eyes that hides under your bed?
  • A UFOlogist in Mexico believes Mayan prophecies can foretell UFOs and natural disasters.
  • Is evidence of an ancient earthquake the footprint of a biblical archangel? The Single Helix: A Turn Around the World of Science, by Steve Jones (Amazon US or UK).
  • MagickTV began broadcasting metaphysical programs over the internet … on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. So that explains why I keep bumping into 11:11 when I check the time.
  • From Pravda, an article that wonders if Ancient Egyptians had helicopters and airplanes? Air Zahi will be taking off very soon.
  • Scientists find Goliath inscribed on pottery, possibly lending credence to the Biblical tale.
  • A crane operator whose equipment fell and damaged Machu Picchu has been made a scapegoat and sentenced to six years jail. The company he worked for, and the Government officials who allowed the commercial to be shot there, were never charged and are laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Squatters and scribblers are threatening the Nazca lines in Peru.
  • An American archaeological team has discovered definitive evidence of underwater ancient harbor remains at two separate locations at Bimini. They also discuss the attempted hoax. You can download a pdf file of a 30-page report containing 70 photos. You can discuss the Bimini finds with Dr Greg Little on Graham Hancock’s Mysteries message board.

Thanks Andrew, Stormbear, and Greg.

Quote of the Day:

It’s an amazing thing to think that ours is the first generation in history that really can end extreme poverty, the kind that means a child dies for lack of food in its belly. This should be seen as the most incredible, historic opportunity but instead it’s become a millstone around our necks. We let our own pathetic excuses about how it’s ‘difficult’ justify our own inaction. Let’s be honest. We have the science, the technology, and the wealth. What we don’t have is the will, and that’s not a reason that history will accept.

Bono, leadsinger of U2