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News Briefs 14-10-2005

Demand for exorcisms is soaring, so post your thoughts on the devil and demonic possession.

  • Rosslyn Chapel’s extraordinary carvings explained at last.
  • Sixth century tragedy in Greek cave puzzles archaeologists.
  • Fossils of tiny monkey-like creatures that lived 37 million years ago have been sifted from ancient sediments in the Egyptian desert.
  • Philadelphia librarian discovers 80-page, handwritten Beethoven score.
  • Newly discovered manuscript says Napoleon died of stomach cancer, not poisoning.
  • Milky Way’s central black hole actually helps stars form.
  • Prehistoric global warming may have saved Earth.
  • Earth’s rocky guts: scientists finally get their hands on petroleum companies’ seismic-reflection data, which shows three-dimensional images of geologic features buried under hundreds and thousands of meters of sediment.
  • A Force to Reckon With: What applied the brakes on Pioneer 10 and 11?
  • NASA says life’s building blocks are common in space.
  • Researchers link genes that don’t turn on in a weightless environment to human immune suppression in space.
  • Paradigm Lockout, Paradigm Paralysis? The power of the paradigm tells you what you see.
  • Electric Sunspots.
  • Earth is an electrified body, moving in a plasma.
  • Physicists’ new microscope was designed to outsmart light.
  • Polar Express: Global warming will shift storm paths north.
  • The moral brain: Where and how is human morality processed and represented by the brain?
  • Chimps chat as they eat.
  • Supersensitive hearing: syndrome causes some people to hear far too much – even the sound of their eyeballs moving and their pain.
  • Validating Theodor Boveri’s controversial 100-year-old theory of cancer causation, researchers find that cells with duplicate genomes can trigger tumors.
  • Newly discovered organism seems to be in the process of endosymbiosis – in which one creature incorporates another, creating a new form of life.
  • One-Fifth of Human Genes Have Been Patented. Will we end up paying to reproduce?
  • Synthetic cannabinoid proliferates brain cells and boosts mood.
  • Prion diseases such as ‘mad cow’ may be spread by urine.
  • US approves home tests for HIV.
  • Psychological stress in infancy linked to memory loss and cognitive decline in middle age.
  • New research links long-term tobacco use to dulled thinking and lower IQ.
  • Students learn better when the numbers don’t talk and dance.
  • You’re exposed: Companies accidentally hemorrhage your personal data every day.
  • Survey of 56,000 in U.S. brings up the question: How risky is your sex life?
  • Abstinence-only sex ed: Not only contradicted by medicine and science; it flies in the face of everything all ordinary Americans know about teens and sex.
  • Machine presses out durable plates, cups and bowls at the touch of a button – then consumes them again after the meal.
  • ‘Master Replicas’ knocks off flawless facsimiles of movie props at an almost affordable price. But Rico will have to wait for his Indiana Jones jacket.
  • Priests queue up to qualify as exorcists.
  • UK’s Mirror asks: Is this the death of America?
  • The Nexus of Politics and Terror. Coincidence? Judge for yourself.

Quote of the day:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay, computer genius and visionary

  1. Gene Patent
    The new study reveals that more than 4,000 genes, or 20 percent of the almost 24,000 human genes, have been claimed in U.S. as intellectual property.

    Does this mean we all get a share of the profits, considering they’re OUR genes?

    Laws need to be drawn up IMMEDIATELY to stop this gene patenting. I’m usually pretty cynical of hard-left radicals who stage protests and bash things … but I’ll be the first one at the gates of pharmaceutical and research companies fighting for our rights to be human beings.

    1. in genome patras
      Hi Rico,

      The whole patent business should be reassessed, there are many ‘ sleeping ‘ patents out there, these should be made free when the registor doesnt use them, period. Just owning rights on patents should be made worthless when those are not applied. In the past many a development has been stifled by these leeching patent holders, worse some like f.i. the us gov activly try to prevent developments unfavorable to their greedy paymasters .

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

  2. Patented Humans and the death of America?
    Greetings all.
    I’ve been a long time lurker here and these stories triggered a responce.
    How is it possible to patent something you did not create? The human genome was “discovered”. Who will be the first to patent Earth?

    The death of America. The writer of this piece is an egotistical ass.
    Wake up call hero, most Americans do know the problems this county faces they just choose to ignor it. Which indeed is a problem in itself.
    Death of America humpf! Maybe our time at the top is at an end. Of course I don’t see this as a problem.

    1. hi RUSirius………
      Yes, I totally agree with the genome thing…..if you don’t invent should you be able to patent it!
      But the American thing..well….I believe American’s are number 1 in movie making, and the amount of men they can use as cannon fodder.
      But thats about it!
      So I find the giant ego of Americans a bit annoying most of the time.
      I am pleased though, that most who post here and do a lot of work behind the scenes are humble and most often don’t mention their country of origin.
      As for the artical, I found all that was written very deserving.
      And true. America can not deny that!
      I truely hope you all can change it!

      DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

  3. Rosslyn
    FAscinating, but they don’t mention such things as clear portrayal of New World vegetation they could not have known about when the chapel was built, etc. Really a non-answer to some of the most interesting questions.

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