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News Briefs 13-10-2005

On a very minor note, there are a couple of uninteresting items in the news that we included just to fill-up the space.

  • A Winged Goddess flew over Iran. Now that’s interesting.
  • The world’s oldest noodles have been found in China.
  • More on Zahi and the robot.
  • US researchers are involved in a renewed effort to bring the Tasmanian tiger back to life through cloning.
  • Scotland’s towns and settlements are proud of their roots, but few can boast the antiquity of Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands.
  • American Paranormal Investigations, Inc, armed with psychics, a medicine man, and spirit specialists, is ready to investigate paranormal activity between our world and the next.
  • Hundreds of people gathered in the University of Wyoming Arts & Sciences Auditorium to hear two men debate about a divine creator, evolution, and giant, invisible kangaroos orbiting Mars, preparing to invade. I’m sold on the kangaroos.
  • Owners that assume that their pet’s brain works like their own are making a big mistake. Yeah, yeah, your pet is different.
  • Scientists have discovered a spider in East Africa that craves human blood. Didn’t we see that movie?
  • Teenage Jesus written by Doug Yurchey
  • Bigfoot is making a big name for himself in a small central Illinois town after a Web site documented four supposed sightings.
  • My Weekly Reader, an elementary school publication, stirred flying-saucer controversy.
  • This year, Americans will shell out $3.3 billion on Halloween-related merchandise, now with adults treating themselves to outrageous get-ups, elaborate home décor, expensive Halloween night festivities — even creative pet costumes.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider an appeal yesterday from the Wiccan priestess who was excluded from giving an opening prayer.
  • How to find your creative spirit and keep it.
  • Mystery still surrounds Earth’s oil supply.
  • The magnitude 7.6 earthquake that hit South Asia Saturday, left a death toll now estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000, but officials expect it to rise.
  • Fingerprint evidence isn’t infallible.
  • Physics goes abstract.
  • The discovery of a birdlike dinosaur in South America has paleontologists rethinking when, where and how one group of raptors evolved. Compare with Jameske’s story yesterday.
  • China launches two taikonauts into orbit.
  • The solar system’s unusual structure suggests existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • The Gravity Probe-B data collection ends: Was Einstein correct?

Quote of the Day

Yes, we have to divide up our time like that, between our politics and our equations. But to me our equations are far more important, for politics are only a matter of present concern. A mathematical equation stands forever.

Albert Einstein

  1. ID/Creationism ‘debate’
    Hovind believes that if you teach schoolchildren that they evolved from apes, they will start acting like them. He thinks drug use, sexually transmitted diseases and an increased crime rate among teens is partly based on the exclusive teaching of evolution. When Griesmaier countered that European countries have a lower violent crime rate and a lower rate of church attendance than the United States, Hovind took issue with the countries (which included England, France, and the Netherlands) in his opponent’s example.

    “Those decreased murder rates were all from countries with socialistic governments and total gun control,” said Hovind. “I’ll take my gun, thank you.”

    I blame the US mental health system for not keeping these lunatics locked up.

    “God made this world, and he makes the rules,” said Hovind. “We will all be punished.”

    What is it with Christians and punishment?

    1. Nothing a few S&M sessions wo
      Nothing a few S&M sessions wouldn’t fix…

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

    2. I blame everyone
      Everyone in religion I mean.
      I saw on TV today about the Cathoholic kids in the USA who were fiddled with by their Parish Priests.
      The Cardinal is still denying it all and still moving the priests on to other parishes.
      The same old same old.


    3. pied piper

      ” What is it with Christians and punishment? ”

      ‘Christians’ are programmed to worship suffering for their ‘salvation’ . They refuse to think and contemplate, in short they follow the wicked one. Latter has never made a problem elimanating anyone that doesnt dance to his crazy tune- thats yahweh for you that might be confused and thought i was talking about bush here.

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

        1. quattro
          Hi Denzo,

          Quoting Hillel the jewish sage here Denzo ? What can i say- i did contemplate recently changing “do on to others into do unto yourself as you would have them do unto you.

          Nevertheless antagonising those that have been sheep for so long is necessary as they need to itterate why they believe what. Would you rather keep em in zombiemode Denzo? So easily lead by anyone with an (empty) promise with heavily politicised and corrupted scriptures in hand.

          Maybe you got a better idea how to go about it then.

          ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    1. I believe you
      as I don’t think Jesus existed either.
      Once you read all the other history that the Christians squashed from before their time, the more you realise that Jesus could have been called anything.
      It was an idea whose time had come.
      That’s all.


      1. Rebel Rabbi
        I believe there was a Jesus, maybe not called such, but a man whose words got so twisted out of context that he’s rolling at 2300 RPM in his grave.

        He lived around the time attributed to him, before the second destruction of the temple, which was a time of prophecy. There were also rebels against the Romans, daggermen, who literally did carry daggers to kill Romans and Jewish sympathizers.

        The concept of Messiah is Jewish, and was around long before 30 A.D. That someone should rise up out of the anguish of the time and try to lead the people is natural. It’s happened many times in Jewish history. Just this time, not only the Jews were paying attention . . .

        For your edification: In Jewish thought, when the Messiah comes (first and only time, none of this first and second coming stuff) there will be a whole ranges of ‘tests’ that can be performed against him (tradition says it is a man). First is: will there be War? If there is any fighting at all, then no, it is not the Messiah. Ok, assume all fighting and bickering stopped, world wide! Would that mean the Messiah was present? Not so fast grasshopper. Next would have to come: No Hunger. Everyone would have enough to eat and no one would be hungry in the Whole World! Once that happened, has he passed the test? Nope, not yet. A couple of more things have to occur: No disease and No Death! Yep, you heard it right, no more dying.

        Did any of these things happen when ‘Jesus’ came and went? Nope, didn’t. Not even one of them. That’s why Jews world wide have never accepted the Jesus = Messiah story, because we have some pretty strict rules about what a Messiah does.

        That reminds me of an old Russian story. Back a few hundred years there was a settlement of farmers who lived in a remote valley. They worried that the Messiah would come and pass them by, because they were so remote. They agreed to build a tall tower near the mountain road, and put a look out in the tower to make sure if the Messiah were to come down the road, that lookout could send him to the town. One day a traveler was coming down the road and saw the tower. He asked the lookout what he was doing and was told the whole story. The traveler commented “That must be pretty boring work, and the pay can’t be that good.”
        “Yes.” said the lookout, “But the work is very steady and talk about Job Security!”


        The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
        George Bernard Shaw

      2. Jesus, Where for art thou?
        This argument cannot be categorically proved as you cannot prove he did not exist either. It seems his words are the things that carry through the ages and reach out to people. There are truisms he states which strike a chord.

        What strikes me as another truism is the human capability of subverting the masses which has been proven to have happened countless times. How much has this belief system been played with and who are the players is the question the skeptics are pondering.

        The debate over ID or evolution is taking a more mainstream turn and will certainly be rustling some people’s cobwebs that’s fer sure.

        Great news bill, am looking forward to the pyramid shaft exploration with quiet anticipation, what will they find? Maybe that can be a subject for the next questionaire on this wonderful site….


        1. News
          Hi Halpo,

          Thanks, I’m happy that you found the news interesting.

          Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see anything in the GP that doesn’t conform to ZH’s beliefs. The GP exploration is not a scientific one open to peer review. All exploration and all results are filtered by ZH. We will only find what he wants to find.


    2. jesus’ teenage kicks
      Hi Lee’

      Never existed ? I suppose you mean the catholic bible version , as for Essa he certainly fits the good side of the bill.

      The article starts of well enough-at the end the idea seems to be to go into double speek mode. I’ll explain, one takes truth and associate it with fudgy ideas- mr yurchev is yet another pawn of evil .

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

  2. warped

    ” According to Einstein’s theory, over the course of a year, the geodetic warping of Earth’s local spacetime should cause the spin axis of the gyroscope to drift away from its initial guide star alignment by a minuscule angle of 6.6 arcseconds (0.0018 degrees). Likewise, the twisting of Earth’s local spacetime should cause the spin axis to drift in a perpendicular direction by an even smaller angle of 0.041 arcseconds (0.000011 degrees), about the width of a human hair viewed from 10 miles away”

    ” It will take the GP-B science team more than a year to complete the data analysis, followed by up to six months of preparing and submitting papers to major scientific journals detailing the experimental results. Following NASA protocols used for other missions with precise quantitative measurements, there will be no preliminary announcements of results nor any speculation about the data before a formal announcement and publication of results, expected early in 2007.”

    Yeah right thats science, with the outcome in hand they need a full year to confirm. Sounds like they’re not very confident.

    Was einstein correct ? Considering the number of times his general relativity theory was changed by himself , finding the middleway between disinformation and testable truths was hard.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    1. Pure science
      Hi Tox,

      I must disagree with you here. The methods that are employed here require great precision and many calculations. It is going to take some time. There’s no point making an announcement prior to a complete analysis.

      That’s what real science is all about. Devise an experiment that should yield a particular result should the theory under question prove true. The scientists and engineers should be neutral observers. There’s no extra funding for them regardless of the outcome, just the way it should be.


      1. stooges
        Hi Bill,

        The first time they confirmed einsteins general relativity , which got him his reputation, turned out to be falsified (decades later), alas the damage was done. Damage yes because it has been einstein alone that got the search for aether aborted. Btw he tried to fuck up the quark theory aswell.
        I could be mistaken , but i was under the impression data were collected, entering them in einsteins formula cant be that much of a computer job. Massaging those into the ‘right ‘ result however would be.

        You say there’s no financial interest- come again , a years pay for starters, but the reputations of current science popes heading all kinds of departments and what have you is an enormous obstacle if anyone would dare to undermine the current belief system. Not to mention the cries of anti-semitism for anyone accusing einstein of deceit even if its been established he did so in 1905 with special relativity.

        ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

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