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Looking up into the sky, the clouds say there are a lot of boiling frogs beneath. Post your thoughts.

  • Regarding boiling frog syndrome.
  • The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers and the Cover-Up.
  • Vanadium appears to play role in speeding recovery from infections.
  • Endless diversity in bacterial genomes.
  • More hobbit bones are discovered.
  • Water energy gets to the point. Let’s hope in means cheap electricity in the British Isles.
  • Dinosaurs are not birds ancestors.
  • Blind woman recognises colours by touch.
  • What cloud shapes predict.
  • Robot to climb shafts of Cheops pyramid.
  • Lunar eclipse monday could spell more disaster.
  • Drugs, art and the aliens who lit our way to civilisation.
  • Pakistan quake: the animals knew.
  • Electric supernovae. Like squeezing a zit.
  • Taking the figurative literally, centaurs actually existed. The article hilariously moves on to the history of buggery. Good stuff.
  • New revelations of the Americas before Columbus.
  • Ancient skeletons with belongings unearthed from dolmen in Gilan.
  • Titan’s enigmatic bright spot is surface make-up.
  • Viagra helps out endangered species.
  • Does dark matter really exist?
  • The flying lizards missing lift.
  • Asia’s space race.
  • In defence of happy pills.
  • Ozone link to Permian extinction.
  • Waking the genes that grow new limbs.

Quote of the Day:

All prisoners of conscience long to be free: some even from their conscience.