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The news is late because I thought today was Sunday.

  • A hunter has shot and killed a big cat, one of many rumoured to have escaped from circuses and WWII American servicemen. Or is it all a hoax? Gippsland is where I grew up, and I’ve always wondered what happened to my childhood pet …
  • What leaves big paw prints in the suburbs of St Louis?
  • Tim the Yowie Man has been named in the Top 100 Blokes Ever. Neither Greg nor myself are mentioned. If there are any yowies near Sale, they’d best wear bullet-proof vests.
  • Extreme Expeditions say they have convincing evidence that Sumatra’s Orang Pendek is alive and well.
  • DNA tests confirm the existence of Canadian moose in remote parts of Fiordland. A moose once bit my sister. Mind you, a moose bite can be pretty nasty
  • A great white shark has been tracked traveling more than 20’000 kilometers. There’s a Jaws marathon at my local cinema too.
  • A small town called Seneca is a bastion of Bigfoot belief. I hope they don’t leave out sacrifices, Bigfoot is a vegetarian.
  • Why did the Sasquatch cross the road? Multiple witnesses sight a Sasquatch crossing the Trans-Canada highway. They should make an underpass, so Sasquatch can safely cross the highway — Sasquatch roadkill isn’t pretty.
  • For 6’000 years they roamed the earth, performing rituals on animal remains and devouring human body parts — the eye-opening lives of Stone Age Yorkshire farmers!
  • From one of my favourite websites, a review of The Singing Neanderthal, by Steven Mitchen (Amazon US or UK). They sing songs by Tool.
  • Maybe Neanderthals sing Robbie Williams too. The popstar is embracing the occult to demystify his dark side.
  • Here’s a list of pentagrams on album covers to help Robbie out.
  • Uri Geller regrets helping England beat Scotland in the soccer, and is now on the Scots’ side. So that explains the Ashes …
  • Here’s an extraordinary interview with autistic savant David Tammet, unique because he can explain how he thinks. Is autism caused by pollution?
  • Is Shakespeare the Atlantis of literature? A research team claims the works of Shakespeare were written by Sir Henry Neville.
  • The British Library has made available on its website 14 great books, one of them being a 1508 notebook belonging to Leonardo Da Vinci. Incredible stuff.
  • Dozens of UFO sightings in England’s southwest were debated at a conference on Saturday.
  • Dr Roger Leir discusses the famed UFO crash in Varginha, Brazil. No, it wasn’t a cigar-shaped UFO.
  • The driver who killed Dr John Mack will serve 6 months of a 15-month sentence in prison.
  • The similarities of many alien abductions to demonic encounters has some abductees looking to the bible for answers.
  • Building a secret airforce, the CIA’s role in the study of UFOs.
  • Can Remote Viewing be used as a research tool to explore exopolitics?
  • Do extraterrestrials look like us?
  • Perhaps they look like Michael Jackson, who is reportedly building an airport for aliens in Nevada. Robbie Williams is a regular at TDG.
  • Hurricanes and earthquakes — has the age of chaos begun?
  • Tragically, the recent earthquake in Kashmir has killed an entire generation. If you’re wondering how to help, Medicins Sans Frontieres, and those brave doctors without borders, is a good place to start.
  • New evidence suggests the US and Russia are in an illegal race to harness the power of hurricanes and earthquakes. I thought it was the Yakuza, manipulating world stockmarkets?
  • Authorities have launched an investigation into what caused a satellite designed to gauge global warming to crash into the Arctic minutes after its launch in Russia.
  • Deep in the Mojave desert, driverless cars are competing for $2million — courtesy of the Pentagon. Great, a new Cannonball Run movie!
  • Penguin pooh paper earns Ig Nobel Prize. Explorers in the Antarctic now know what they stepped in.
  • From the imaginations of Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and the Jim Henson Company, comes the new film Mirrormask. If you’re in the US or UK, please go see it.

Thanks Jeff.

Word of the Day:

Anamchara (ahn-im-KAR-uh): a Gaelic word that means “soul friend.” A soul friend is a person who provides others with coaching, support and guidance as they progress along the path toward fulfilling their spiritual and mystical potential