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News Briefs 05-10-05

If big mammals evolved because of more oxygen, I wonder if that’ll work for the hearts of politicians. Post your thoughts.

Quote of the Day:

A truth that is just may be damaged by a cause


  1. Bohemian Grove
    The Camp at the Grove is riddled with imagery of death, sacrifice, skulls and Owls, as is the Club’s Headquarters in San Francisco.

    The “Club’s Headquarters” link leads to a “not found” pop-up.

    The most famous ritual that occurs at the Grove every year is the Symbolic Pagan Worship of Molech – the ‘god’ of Child Sacrifice. A bound effigy is burned in a “Cremation of Care” ceremony under a 40ft Stone Owl.

    Alex Jones has no evidence that the effigy is of Moloch. This is simple pagan-phobia on Alex Jones’ part.

    The ritual is designed by a San Francisco theatre company. Why doesn’t Jones follow up this lead?

    The Cremation of Care means “let go of your cares”. In other words, Bohemian Grove is a safe place for sexual rituals, possibly of the kind depicted in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

    The rumours from the local town, some of which Alex Jones records on his video, tell of prostitutes, but Jones ignores this in pursuit of some mystical purpose. The mystery behind Bohemian Grove is sex.

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