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Sacred cows suffer today. Seaweed in burgers?

  • The healing power of laughter.
  • Seaweed to make burgers healthy.
  • Intelligent design goes on trial.
  • Molecule walks like a human. Add some alcohol to it and see if it falls over.
  • Invention: the talking tooth.
  • Ice Age twins found in ancient burial ground.
  • Milky seas detected from space.
  • Key gene may reverse hairloss.
  • Question that won’t go away: was the 2004 election stolen?
  • Warmed ice caps and warmed-over ideas.
  • Martian butte and crater.
  • Pricey gas fuels alternatives.
  • Heavy metal makes lighter planes.
  • EU to apply hate speech laws to the internet. Don’t worry, it is still OK to kill people, just don’t look at them sideways.
  • Noam Chomsky: controlled asset of the NWO.
  • Long sought Mayan city found in Guatemala.
  • Giant squid snapped in the deep.
  • Evidence our sun may be part of a long cycle binary system.
  • The comet that speaks Sumerian.
  • Hoagland: more on the weather war.

Quote of the Day:

The invisible hand leads to an invisible land