News Briefs 28-9-05

Sacred cows suffer today. Seaweed in burgers?

  • The healing power of laughter.
  • Seaweed to make burgers healthy.
  • Intelligent design goes on trial.
  • Molecule walks like a human. Add some alcohol to it and see if it falls over.
  • Invention: the talking tooth.
  • Ice Age twins found in ancient burial ground.
  • Milky seas detected from space.
  • Key gene may reverse hairloss.
  • Question that won’t go away: was the 2004 election stolen?
  • Warmed ice caps and warmed-over ideas.
  • Martian butte and crater.
  • Pricey gas fuels alternatives.
  • Heavy metal makes lighter planes.
  • EU to apply hate speech laws to the internet. Don’t worry, it is still OK to kill people, just don’t look at them sideways.
  • Noam Chomsky: controlled asset of the NWO.
  • Long sought Mayan city found in Guatemala.
  • Giant squid snapped in the deep.
  • Evidence our sun may be part of a long cycle binary system.
  • The comet that speaks Sumerian.
  • Hoagland: more on the weather war.

Quote of the Day:

The invisible hand leads to an invisible land


  1. Our Sun is part of a Binary system?
    THAT was the most interesting article I have read in a long time Jameske. I am surprised this is not getting more press. You gotta skip the hard parts (dummies like me) but the gist is still fascinating. Our sun is revolving around another sun, and is in fact part of a binary system, so they are saying. It’s partner is 4,000 AU out there, too dark to see, but all the evidence points this way. Wow…..Double wow! I wonder if it has dark planets? With Greys living on them?

    1. hi dashour
      as I was reading your post……I thought you actually believed it!….then your last sentence……and I thought….ahhhh tongue in cheek…
      The sun is NOT a binary system star……if it wrere, we would not be here!
      A lot of strange disinformation is being reliesed now to confuse the generation of truth seekers…..
      The truth is easy to find….think with your HEART… will tell you what is right or wrong.

      DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

      1. Hey Floppy!
        The supposed companion is 4,000 AU away, if it is there, according to the article. That is far enough to eliminate the things that would normally go wrong with us in a binary system. Have you read the article? The mathematics certainly make sense, from the (extremely) limited facility I have with it. So, no, that was not toungue and cheek. I forwarded it to an astronomer friend I have to see what her opinion is. If she laughs at me, I will report, so you can have good laugh at me too, eek.

        1. the effects…..
          then maybe Niburu is there somewhere???????

          DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

          1. kennc
            that would please me. And change my thinking a bit.
            you remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            DISCLAIMER: the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and are not those of others or of TDG. Any similarities are by chance only.

          2. I Wouldn’t A Thing Like That!

            I’m still looking for information and this is a possibility! A binary system with a red star would help explain many things.

            What do you think?


        2. what goes around
          Hi dashour,

          Im not sure how you come up with 4,000 au when the authors come up with 2 figures ,

          ” Kepler’s law for circular orbits for the proposed system:

          N2 * D3 = G * (Msun + Mcompanion) where N = 2π / T, G is the gravitational constant (= 6.672 * 10-11 m3 kg-1 sec-2), T is the
          period of revolution in seconds, D is the average distance between Sun and it companion in meters, Msun = 1.9891 * 1030 kg. If Mcompanion = 0.08 Msun then D = 0.01344 light years or 853.8 A.U; if Mcompanion = 6 Msun then D = 0.02384 light years or 1514.6 A.U.
          Note that these represent average distances. At the furthermost point in their orbits (apoapsis), they may be much further apart, depending on the eccentricity of their elliptical orbits, perhaps by a factor of as much as 20 times the average distance, based on observed data of other binary starsystems.”

          An object 6 times bigger than the sun would have been noticed by now therefore its likely to be say 0.2 solarmass object or say 1000 AU average distance, considering the statement of the authors that it may well be on a elongated trajectory, it might even enter our solar system ( Pluto at app 40 AU).

          Niburu adepts might rejoice here.. as if its something to look forward to. So why the 3600 year cycle, well this could be the periapsis interval, which would leave 9,000 years coming in and another going out.
          Considering the prehistoric obsession with the skies , and taken in account velikofskys words its been a messy business up there and sometimes down here between 500 ce and 3100 ce.
          As X is on its way out currently earths wobble deminishes, if the powers that be havent regressed us back to the stoneage its unlikey there’s much to worry about the next time X comes around…

          ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          1. Funnily enough
            It would seem that the “powers that be” are, in fact, working on that very thing right now! (regressing us back into the stone age, that is).

            pip pip

            yer ol’ pal,

            (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

          2. Dear Toxilogic, 4,000 AU is correct
            Here is a direct quote from their paper:

            “Our Sun is probably part of a binary system, gravitationally bound to another star,
            likely a dark companion, which is estimated to be 1000 to 4,000 A.U. distant.”

            That is where I get the 4,000 AU, duh. :))

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