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Any frustrated would-be astronauts here? Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D opens today in a record number of IMAX theatres (venue list included).

  • Ancient Egyptian sites face destruction within 10 years.
  • Rosslyn, ley lines and the baron knights.
  • Does the Tulli Papyrus offer proof of UFOs?
  • New evidence shows sea stacs off Scotland’s Western Isles were inhabited much earlier than previously thought.
  • Rembrandt rediscovered.
  • Island gives up secret of real Robinson Crusoe.
  • SETI: Tapping archaeology to seek the Cosmic Rosetta Stone.
  • MRI brain scan is the ultimate lie detector. Good – let’s immediately scan all politicians!
  • Scientists want to know: Out-of-body or all in the mind?
  • Hurricane’s aftermath shows importance of Net phones.
  • Free access to scientific results is changing research practices.
  • What is antimatter and why does it matter?
  • The Cheerio Effect: Why floating objects stick together.
  • Some bacteria and viruses may have infinite genomes.
  • Biologists challenge conventional dinosaur theories.
  • Human stem cells repair mice’s spinal cords.
  • World not prepared for next influenza pandemic.
  • Human flu viruses are becoming resistant to adamantanes, one of only two existing classes of flu drugs.
  • AP poll shows Katrina changed Americans’ thinking: longstanding assumptions shifted on race, safety, spending and more.
  • Suit filed to halt New Orleans gun seizures; TV crews film authorities tackling the elderly, refusing to give receipts.
  • Hurricane victims say guns helped fend off criminals during aftermath.
  • Prisoners in New Orleans city jail were abandoned – left locked up without food, water, electricity as floodwaters rose to their chests, necks and higher.
  • So Desperate: Red Cross aid so lacking in rural and poor Gulf Coast communities that Oxfam America has gone into Miss. and Ala. to administer aid directly inside the U.S. for the first time in its history. Finally! Some national media coverage – and what they found is shocking.
  • To get to this cursed town, just go to the end of the world and turn left. It’s worse down there – and literally packed with ghosts.
  • Katrina and Rita are reaching for your wallet.
  • For the third consecutive year in the U.S., the rich got richer: Net worth of the ‘Forbes 400’ climbs to $1.13 trillion. On average, that’s only $2.825 billion each.
  • Britain’s top police officer urges ‘Judge Dredd’ powers for police, which would allow them to by-pass courts when confiscating driving licences and seizing vehicles.
  • EU plans to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic.
  • Scotland is shelling out £500,000 to an international team of ratcatchers who plan to use 25,000 tonnes of rat poison to kill Canna’s 10,000 rats.

Quote of the Day:

Strange things happen at Rosslyn. One Saturday a girl saw a Knight Templar walking down the aisle. She said nothing about it until the girl sitting next to her said she’d seen the same thing.

Jim Munro, past master Freemason who believes a powerful ley line runs through Rosslyn