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I’ve got precession, Elvis, virgins, Mars, tiny robots, conspiracies, ghosts, books, UFOs, and more. If something in there doesn’t interest you, you’re in the wrong place.

  • Strange things get stranger. Excavations at Durrington Walls have been helping to throw new light on the mysteries of the Stonehenge World Heritage site.
  • Now that the first Inca word within the enigmatic mops of knotted strings, called “khipu” may have been uncovered, two experts believe that a complex 7-bit binary code will reveal detailed information on how the Inca managed their huge empire.
  • Precession and the Golden Age: How much did the Ancients know?
  • New plant finds in the Andes foretell of an ancient climate change.
  • The Gulf emirate of Dubai will build a city of life-size replicas of Seven Wonders of the World to house apartments, office space, hotels and shopping malls. [TDG pop quiz: Name all seven of the Seven Wonders of the World.]
  • Imagine the humiliation of being a teenage boy who has been proved to be a virgin. Are you surprised that 20% of KZN youth are suicidal?
  • Forensic scientists are using tooth enamel and the fallout from nuclear tests in the 1950s to more precisely deduce the age of a person at the time of their death.
  • A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe. Gruesome.
  • Join the debate on smart ID cards – protection from terrorists and illegal aliens or a gateways to tracking citizens and amassing databases full of information?
  • Mars reveals your Universe potential!
  • Pssst. Where the devil is the exorcists convention? Don’t ask Captain Howdy.
  • Conservation scientists are to meet in Washington DC to discuss an action plan aimed at stemming the global decline in amphibians.
  • Lost in Katrina, these dolphins are ‘flipping’ to be found.
  • Swarms of miniature robots that behave like colonies of ants could one day be deployed by the thousands to carry out tasks in the environment, or even in the human body. Where’s the OFF switch?
  • Are you interested in what happened at Tunguska? The Tunguska Fireball offers some highly speculative yet nevertheless plausible reasons for the phenomenon. Available at Amazon US and UK.
  • UFOs and meatballs – the effect of Freedom of Information on the public sector.
  • A new book offering more than 90 amazing, but true paranormal tales (ghosts, angels, visions, dreams, NDE, premonitions, reincarnations, dangers of Ouija boards, and more) has just been released. It could be inspiration for you aspiring writers and researchers. Glimpses 2 is available at Amazon US and UK.
  • From the murder of JFK to “The Da Vinci Code”, conspiracy theories are big business.
  • The mystery of the UFOs.
  • Type IV alien civilizations creating artificial curvature of space-time to control and manipulate the physical universe. Dune, right?
  • Elvis, as a child, was communicated to, apparently, by two cosmic beings of light. Rock Stars and Extraterrestrials is available at Amazon US and UK.
  • Astronomers find the gate into parallel worlds. (Pravda)
  • Hubble spies a homeless black hole.
  • Engineers work to stall Hubble’s death.

Quote of the Day

At sunset, a burning shield passed over the sky at Rome. It came sparkling from the west and passed over to the east.

(Medieval reporter/writer 98 AD)
Conrad Wolfhart