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Imagine if New Orleans was named Rico, and you’re closer to knowing why the news is late.

  • The UK’s ID card scheme will do little to stop identity fraud, and may just make it worse.
  • Here’s a reputable and reliable list of charities to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. I emailed this link to Dubya, but he blocked it with anti-spam software. No, I am not giving you his email address! Gosh!
  • A deep-sea exploration team dodged Hurricane Katrina to reveal fluorescent sharks and other marine oddities. Nice pic.
  • Urban Legend: are sharks prowling the flooded streets of New Orleans? There has been confirmation of alligators.
  • In South Australia, a surfer is extremely lucky to survive a Great White shark attack.
  • What disease are you? I’m glad I don’t do the Tuesday news.
  • Deliberately-lit fires in Southeast Asia continue to wreak havoc with the environment.
  • Hundreds of dead geese have been found in Oregon, possibly poisoned by man-made toxins.
  • In a step towards better understanding of human biology, scientists have deciphered chimpanzee DNA. Please switch off the gene that makes them susceptible to rollerskating in tutus whilst smoking cigars.
  • Neanderthals lived side-by-side with modern man for up to a thousand years. They still do at many football stadiums.
  • Crikey! The Orion Constellation is an emu, according to Australian Aboriginal astronomical lore. I wonder if Robert Bauval will publish a revised edition of The Orion Mystery (Amazon US or UK).
  • The Ahriman Gate is a fiction novel based on the Dropa Discs hoax (Amazon US or UK). Sigh. That is not a Dropa Disc, it’s a Bi disc, of which thousands have been found in China. I’ll post more information in a blog tomorrow.
  • This mystery ain’t a hoax — the Brown Mountain Lights have bedazzled witnesses for hundreds of years. I like the swamp gas theory, I haven’t heard that one before.
  • George Van Tassel, extraterrestrial visitors, and a machine called the Integratron. Good gods, don’t let it fall into the hands of Hollywood!
  • The RRRGroup asks why no UFOs are sighted during natural disasters. My answer is because people are too busy surviving on the ground to notice odd things in the sky.
  • In 1965, a UFO terrified the residents of Exeter.
  • The Science of Aliens exhibition is open to the public, displaying what extraterrestrial life might be according to scientists. We only have the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife on display at my museum.
  • Toys found by Norwegian kids turn out to be 1200-year-old Viking artifacts. Surely the parents had an inkling when their kids brought home axes and a longship? A strange necklace with a dragon motif, and an enigmatic medallion were two of the items — hrmm, sounds like the beginning of a children’s novel … Kat, fetch my quill and ink!
  • Peruvian explorers have found the fossilised remains of a 46-foot-long crocodile, supporting the theory that the Amazon rainforest was once an inland sea.
  • An archaeologist from Kyrgyztan helped excavate a Mayan pyramid in Belize. There are bank accounts in Belize belonging to the world’s rich and famous that should be excavated.
  • The world’s first mathematical formula has been developed to accurately model the collapse of societies on Easter Island. You can also view Easter Island’s monuments in 3D.
  • Petroglyphs in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Amazing petroglyphs have also been found in the Iwokrama rainforest of Guyana. I’m imagining a cross between a Star Wars Ewok and the Hindu god Rama.
  • Scientists say their recent discoveries on Saturn’s moon Enceladus are stunning, if a little baffling.
  • A team of astrophysicists claims to have identified evidence that space is six-dimensional. I’ve been feeling weird lately.
  • Like the woman from a Ricky Martin song, black holes start with many bangs.
  • Escaping pulsar breaks speed records. Gee, the guys at car manufacturer Nissan have been busy.
  • Physicists propose a search for Dark Matter. Maybe it escaped in the pulsar.

Quote of the Day:

If we must have a tyrant, let him at least be a gentleman who has been bred to the business, and let us fall by the axe and not by the butcher’s cleaver.

Lord Byron