News Briefs 26-08-2005

Shuffle up and deal. Are you in, human? I warned a sceptical poker-playing friend about this months ago, but some time today Wired Magazine will publish a story about online poker’s autoplaying robots. I can hardly wait to find out if they have an ace up their, err, sleeve.

  • “I am already famous and powerful,”and, “I don’t want to talk about myself”: More than you ever wanted to know about the world’s most-famous Egyptian.
  • By the end of the year, Bulgarian archaeologists expect to find 100,000 artefacts from unknown Bronze Age civilization.
  • Inca ruins uncovered near frosty peaks.
  • 10,000 year old Stone Age site discovered in the heart of Surrey.
  • Viking Religion.
  • Chinese fossils bare 580 million year old bilaterally symmetric organism.
  • Dental DNA reveals our ancient roots.
  • What was the relationship between Neanderthals and early humans?
  • Climate Model Links Warmer Temperatures to Permian Extinction.
  • Evolution of warfare theory says spears spawned ancient group violence.
  • X-Rays reveal lost stone writings.
  • Leapin’ Similarities: the convergent evolution of killer ants and frogs in Madagascar and Panama.
  • Physicists describe a new mechanism for metallic magnetism.
  • Monster meteor leaves dusty clues.
  • Earth’s core rotates faster than crust.
  • Supernova 1987A Decoded: proof that supernovae are catastrophic electrical discharges focused on a star. If you make it to the end of this article, you’ll find out how megaliths such as Stonehenge are related.
  • Thunderbolts’ Aug. 24 update: Seeing Circuits, part two.
  • Scientists express worry about the struggle over science in the US.
  • Are Europe’s floods due to climate change?
  • ‘Peak oil’ enters mainstream debate.
  • Scientists discover flea fossil.
  • What’s so special about the numbers one, two, six, 1,729 and 6.6742?
  • Change blindness: Why we fail to see obvious changes in our environment.
  • New drug reverses the effects of sleep deprivation in monkeys. Where’s the queue to get in the human trials?
  • Polio outbreak in Indonesia is spreading and could pose a global health threat.
  • Second-hand smoke may hook children on nicotine.
  • When coping with negative life events, self-esteem not as important as self-compassion.
  • Neuroscientists find link between daydreaming and Alzheimer’s.
  • Hair follicle cloning could soon spell the end of receding hairlines and shiny, bald crowns.
  • People dying from hunger should not have to wait for the TV camera crews to arrive.
  • New £15,000 prize for short stories suggests Britain is finally getting over its obsession with the novel. But will it motivate Rico?
  • Nicholas Roerich and the Chintamani Stone. (pdf)
  • The Gnostic Science of Alchemy: Parts one and two.
  • The High History of the Holy Grail.
  • One man’s quest to find Atlantis.
  • Last week’s photos of UFOs near Standing Rock, NM, a Navajo community near Gallup, may be the clearest in decades. Only one photo, but it’s a good one.
  • Wikipedians plotting new world order – how to use their vast reservoir of knowledge to educate the world.
  • John Skelton: the medieval godfather of rap.
  • Spate of big cat sightings prompts Dorset wildlife officer to issue warning.
  • Bear arrested for begging.
  • Superman spotted in Serbia.
  • Don’t teach your guard dog to bite – teach him to kick-box.
  • Grumpy Brits are among the biggest moaners in the world.

Quote of the Day:

I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.

Abraham Lincoln

  1. Short Stories
    Sorry Kat, but not even 15’000-pounds is enough to motivate my sorry arse. I had trouble putting together a 500-word book review recently. Hrmm, maybe if I change the author’s name, add an obstacle, a resolution and a twist at the end …

    As for the British being the biggest moaners … wait until they lose the Ashes series! Mwahahahahaha!


  2. Zahi Hawass
    Just typing his name drains me of energy these days. All I can do is quote this small passage to highlight the Rameses II-like megalomaniacal ego and hypocrisy of Zahi Hawass. Despite a proven track-record, the researchers are denounced as amateurs: if it was an Egyptian team, Hawass would support them. The man is a racist tyrant.

    And last year two French architects accused Hawass of treating Egypt as a private fiefdom after they were refused permission to place a small camera in the floor of the Great Pyramid to search for a possible chamber. At the time Hawass denounced them as amateurs though they had made successful discoveries using the same technique in the Medium Pyramid.

    And for chrissakes, will journalists please stop comparing his hat to Indiana Jones! Every single bloody article about Zahi Hawass, every single bloody photo caption, refers to him wearing an Indiana Jones hat. IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE FEDORA INDIANA JONES WORE!!! THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WEAR THE SAME BLOODY HAT! Urgh. I just had to get that off my chest. 😉

    Hrmmm, maybe I’ll write a short story in the style of Lovecraft, and Zahi Hawass is the arrogant archaeologist who gets to dance with the mighty Cthulhu ….

    1. Gee Rick, you’re upset!
      Hey Rick, I see you have finally been reduced to words.I mean bad words.I think you have said it all about Zahi, there is nothing left to say.
      He is obviously able to do as he wishes and will go on doing so to the detriment of the whole ancient Egyptian history of which he has control.
      Yeah write a story about him and send it to him.Maybe he will then see himself as others see him.
      Or maybe not.


    2. Another legendary quote!
      It is the first time that Egypt has been correctly explained to the public…

      Yes and what an explanation they (the public) get! A baboon speaking broken english at best, ranting & raving about his own theories, and banning others that dare to be different. The hat doesn’t maketh the man; the jeans up under his armpits do!

  3. Bear arrested for begging
    Poor bloody bear.Don’t you feel sorry for them.The way humans treat animals, in my opinion, is the answer to the meaning of life.When we die we are going to be judged on how we treated these precious creatures who cannot speak to us in our language.

    Thanks for all the great stuff Kat, specially the Gnostic stuff which will go in my files and all the ancient stuff.

    That UFO is stunning.You gotta wonder what the heck it is.If that doesn’t convince the unbelievers I don’t know what will.I’ve never seen a pic so good.

    I’ve bookmarked a lot of stuff for later.Clever girl.(But then I’m always saying that.)


  4. daydreaming and Alzheimer’s
    Next they will tell us that there is a correlation of people who walked a lot, and those who lost their legs in bus accidents.

    Alzheimer’s is a consequence of the brain shrinking and dying, and then, big surprise, it doesn’t work so well any more. But people who apparently don’t have one to start with get this sort of research funded.

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