News Briefs 18-08-2005

I’m taking a break from my bat house construction (Amazon US and UK) to bring you a few items worthy of your interest…………

  • What’s up with this? Egyptian Egyptologists challenging the competence, wisdom, and decisions of the self-proclaimed most famous archaeologist who has ever lived, Zahi Hawass. These guys better be careful or they will have very short careers, for one reason or another.
  • Scientists have determined that the collapsing gas cloud that eventually became our sun was glowing brightly during the formation of the first material in the solar system more than 4.5 billion years ago.
  • An organism that evolved into all life on earth — referred to as the ‘last universal common ancestor’ — may have lived in a hot sulfurous pool or a toasty geothermal vent.
  • A strange 525 million-year-old fossil creature is baffling scientists because it does not fit neatly into any existing animal groups. Baffled again.
  • Saplings of a giant tree that was a snack for dinosaurs and was believed to also be extinct until a chance discovery in Australia will soon be offered for sale to the public.
  • The first Inca word emerges from the khipu, the mysterious assemblages of colored knotted strings.
  • Archaeologists discover a 4,100-year-old golden treasure in Bulgaria.
  • Did extra high-oxygen levels fuel eagle-sized dragonflies, mega-roaches and other super-sized insects?
  • Neanderthals craved bison and mammoth. Who doesn’t?
  • Are you ready for some laboratory-grown meat? No cow, pig, or chicken necessary. Not for me, thanks, when I’m hungry something has to die.
  • Scientists suggest relocating African species to North America. Are we going to make the lions eat lab-grown pseudo-meat?
  • Crocodile blood may yield new antibiotics.
  • Jellyfish invade the globe, thanks to humans.
  • Care for a little frog in your GM-potato, sir?
  • Harvard University enters the debate on evolution.
  • How do you like the price of gas? How about 250-miles per gallon? They’re doing it.
  • A team of German and British scientists show how plants ensure that flowers are formed at the right time and the right place.
  • Before you slip into those jeans made in Swaziland, consider that working conditions in overseas sweatshops have turned textile workers overseas into the new slaves of global industrialism.
  • A master-gene for skin may hold the key to youth.
  • Hundreds of stunned tourists were duped into thinking they had seen Scotland’s famous Loch Ness Monster. Cute.
  • Gamblers give up on Elvis, but those are great odds on Elvis crashing in a UFO and hitting the Loch Ness monster.
  • So, why do we believe in aliens?
  • River-like deltas boost the wet-Mars theory.
  • Data from the NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini spacecraft indicate that Saturn’s majestic ring system has its own atmosphere – separate from that of the planet itself.
  • A huge invisible bubble surrounds a well-studied black hole.
  • China plans unmanned moon mission by 2007.

Quote of the Day

A lady came up to me on the street and pointed at my suede jacket. “You know a cow was murdered for that jacket?” she sneered.

I replied in a psychotic tone, “I didn’t know there were any witnesses. Now I’ll have to kill you too.”

Jake Johansen

  1. You’ve got a bat house?
    Bill, do you keep bats?
    I used to keep bats, and was badly bitten by one too, lucky I didn’t get their particular rabies-like virus.
    If anyone is interested I will post my theory one day on where the Dracula legends come from.Yes I know there are vampire bats, but how the idea of a vampire person evolved.

    That story on the lovely Zahi almost reads like satire.I had to check it wasn’t from The Onion.
    He’s an absolute loonie that man.
    And now he is keeping well educated young Egyptians out of it all if he disapproves of them.
    I think it is bizarre that he decided in 2002 not to dig up any more mummies and now here he is out there with an axe.It sort of proves there is something going on with the archeology in Egypt that only the favoured ones know anything about.

    So why do we believe in aliens? I see that Brian Appleyard gives a very perfunctory answer from what I can see.People who write books like that never look at the whole picture.
    You can mock the folk who say they were abducted by aliens and say they have all sorts of mental problems, and you maybe right,but that is not proof that there are no aliens out there.
    Because Appleyard choses to believe that there are none, does not make any sort of case at all.
    If he is going to provide evidence that people who see UFOs are loonies, then let him provide proof that there are no aliens.

    Bill you seem to be hungry today with the mention of meat.I hate to think that something has to die for me to eat meat but at the moment there isn’t any other way to do it.
    And no, I don’t want a steak from a laboratory.
    You know that you have a feminine side too Billy, you are not all hunter/killer.You have a very sweet side where you post stories about roses and parrots for me.
    So don’t think that you define yourself by the fact that you hunt for your food.
    I blame your job for that.

    Thanks for the nice news and stay out of trouble.

    love shadows

    1. Bats & stuff
      Hi Shadows,

      I presently don’t have bats, but I am working to correct that by next spring when the Mexican or Brazilian free tails return to Texas from Mexico. Anything that eats bugs is my friend. That includes wasps – the largest predator of mosquito larva. I allow them to nest out in the woods.

      Of course I have a feminine side – I am human. You have a male side as well.

      Most predatory carnivores enjoy the hunt, but most kill only to eat or to survive. [The exception is cats. Cats kill just for the hell of it and thoroughly enjoy torture.] I get the same satisfaction putting food on the table that I have hunted or raised that my wife gets when she prepares and serves something that she has grown in her garden. I don’t think that is either a masculine or feminine characteristic, but autonomy does give one power. Some people, male and female, believe that self-reliance gives one’s existence more dignity. Of course, living in a city or town limits what one can hunt, grow, or raise. I am working on changing that.


      1. I am thrilled about the bats
        Bill I am thrilled that you are going into bats.A lot of people think they are vermin but they aren’t.They pollinate our rain forests and are very important.
        Besides that,they are extremely intelligent mammals.
        One bat can wipe out hundreds of mosquitos in a night.

        When I lived in the country I wanted to be self-sufficient but I didn’t have enough land and also I wasn’t able to kill anything.But I grew as much as I could and traded the rest.I had honey and eggs as well as vegies and fruit.I also traded them for meat.
        It certainly is the best life there is and had it not been for health reasons I would have bought bigger and further out and stayed there.

        I raised the bigger bats… flying foxes, and insect bats which are lovely creatures.They are only as big as your thumb.
        One of the flying foxes used to come back every year and visit us.He would perch on the side of the house and squeal until we went out and patted him.
        I have a stunning photo of a bat flying across our living room where we taught it to fly.

        Well done…if more people lived like that it would be a better world.


  2. well………..ZH…………
    “We had x-ray machines, through which we discovered that three of the mummies we studied had died of chronic headache”

    If Zahi actually said that, I’m thinking he chose the wrong field of expertise.
    We have problems detecting cancer in living people let alone a headache in someone who has been dead for 4000 years.
    Unless there was a crushed cranium, if so then indeed a headache was the coarse of death!
    Bad translation….bad reporting….or just straight out lies.
    I give up.

    DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

      1. hmmmm…ouch!
        I had one of them once…….don’t remember a headache though.
        Remember great pain….much pethidine….

        DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

    1. Yes it seems unlikely
      It does seem unlikely that headaches can be diagnosed port-mortem in mummies that had the brain removed during the embalming process.

      Or perhaps the removal caused the headaches in some premature burials?

    2. ol’ ZH
      Hi thefloppy2,

      Having seen ZH on TV making statements that are equally absurd, I have come to the conclusion that ZH doesn’t listen to what he is saying at times.


  3. Scotland’s famous Loch Ness Monster
    Heres some advice to make it alike:: .color: justblack(when in the water / daytime / later encounter) or reddish-rusty-brown(when flying / nighttime(as it may contain shades from terrain glow in infrared – so take the black) / first seen) .(height of)head: (mouth closed is) up to ones chest / (mouth opened ~90deg) is enough you walk in, bowing in throat, to fit in .(proportional body)length: ?? is scale-zoom of a viper – blah.

  4. Hawass
    I haven’t said this here in a very long time….Zahi Hawass is an ugly, racist pimple!

    Hacking away with an axe? He’s going for that Indiana Jones thang!
    Too much power has gone to his head!

    BTW, Hello y’all…good to see ya again! 🙂

      1. Florida’s great, Shadow…at
        Florida’s great, Shadow…at the moment no hurricanes! Thanks…but I really do dislike Zahi hawASS!

        Richard! Hello old friend.
        Been hangin out with my Etemenankian pals, so local forums and with Hoaglands new blog. I lost touch in the previous incarnation and forgot that you guys were gonna re-reincarnate back to here. Was cleaning out my Favorites and said “Shazizzle!”, so back I be. I always liked this format the best…and the little wisecracks that go with the posts!


  5. 250 mpg cars
    For those who think this is involves some cheating, it’s because it does, in a way. These are fairly ordinary (electric/gasoline hybrid) cars which replace some of their gasoline fuel by “tanking” electricity, which they don’t count as fuel consumption.

    However, with regard to oil consumption, their claims can be approximately true, depending on which country you look at. In the USA, almost all oil is used for transportation, almost none for electricity generation. So effectively these cars substitute whatever fuel your electricity provider uses for oil.

    So if you live in France, you can convert your Hummer to 50% nuclear. Somehow that seems appropriate.

    1. electric/gasoline hybrid
      the, just released Toyota in Australia is one…..but we have petrol here…not gasoline…hehe

      DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

  6. Bill and Batty quotes
    I have heard this quote in many different colors, esentially it is an of color comment, with insensitive projections. Why is Bill so politically incorrect? Such comments are common with Bill’s quote index. More of the same Texas cowboy mentality. Move on dear conservatives, we have no time for flat earth /no global warming myopia. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon.

    1. denzo and standard liberal hypocrisy
      Wheeeeeeee!!!! Sound the alarms, hypocrisy alert!!!!

      “More of the same Texas cowboy mentality”


      “…esentially it is an of color comment, with insensitive projections”

      Haha. Classic. I’d expect as much from someone from Oregon though…..

      1. Oregon and correctness/sanity
        It is quotes like todays that soften/de-sensitize people to how rotten the red state mentality has become. How freaking horrible to say such a statement. Bill is proud of his shoot from the hip, red state/Straussian ideology. No freaking global warming, was one of his casual comments. Listen closely, people from Oregon have a good idea how wrong things have become. Create peace. In enerst,Dennis from Oregon.

        1. Not casual about GW
          Dennis from Oregon,

          My comments on Global Warming (GW) have never been casual. Check TDG archives through our search engine.

          I have presented the GW theory here (Many that believe it don’t know what it is.), the carbon dioxide (CO2) connection, the history, the involvement of groups of dubious credibility such as Greenpeace, examples of falsification of data to support the GW theory, and the reasons behind the Kyoto accord. I have shown that the claim that ‘all the scientists’ support the GW theory is bogus, I have offered the names of real climate scientists who have collected several decades of balloon and satellite data on troposphere temperature, I have exposed the shortcomings of the models (no oceans, no dust, etc.), I have linked to both Greenland and Antarctic ice core sample analysis that show that CO2 and temperature do not correlate over hundreds of thousands of years as the GW theory suggests.

          I have offered my theories as to why the GW-Conspiracy was invented, who invented it, and why it persists. I have never refuted the notion that the Earth is getting warmer. I have presented hundreds of reasons to believe that this increase in warmth, if it exists, has nothing to do with CO2. Evidence suggests that it is a cyclical temperature deviation.

          So it’s your turn Dennis. Show me some proof of GW. Show me something other than the beliefs held by all you folks in Oregon. I don’t care what Robert Redford and Cher think, don’t tell me about ‘all the scientists know’ (that’s a lie), and don’t tell me how wicked President Bush is(that’s an opinion). Don’t tell me about the incomplete models (garbage in/garbage out). Don’t tell me about your feelings (I don’t care). Talk to me in scientific terms – give me some hardcore proof. Show me the GW theory has scientific data that backs-up the idea. I’m an engineer, Dennis. I like data; I can handle it. Show me numbers, values, results from some experiment, calculations, even extrapolations of something real that makes your point.

          If all you and the Oregonians have is feelings and faith, then all you’ve got is rumor and/or a new religion, and I’m not interested in either.


          1. Very well put, Bill.

            I per
            Very well put, Bill.

            I personally haven’t researched a lot on Global Warning, but from what I have seen, I see very little evidence to actually PROVE that Humans have much to do with global warming. It seems to me to be very cyclic. It’s happened hundreds of times before, and will happen as long as this planet exists. It’s natural.
            I see no real evidence that Humans are causing it, let alone really encouraging it.

        1. I think I want to move to Tex
          I think I want to move to Texas so all the hyper liberals that proclaim sensetivity and fairness can unfairly judge and categorize me as well. Got room for me in your garage Bill? 🙂

          BTW, I actually HAVE a sense of humor and loved your quote, keep them coming. I might use that in my standup routine at the local comedy club.

          1. “the law is for the weak”

            I respect a going against the grain mentality, i think it can be mutually productive.

            Texans have been making a lot of noise since their lone starman came ‘on line’. After a ‘disastrous’ nineties, all were anxious to ride the gravy train they missed the decade before. Their boy has delivered.. Overconfident they claim to see the road ahead…- the cowboy reality.. . ” It’s time to coral and brand them, a few explosions will get them rounded up, picking up strays isn’t the first priorty for now.” Being mainly private contracters, ‘the cowboys’ have little or no need to direct contact with their employers, nor love for all that intellectual or lawyer stuff, the law is for the weak anyway.

            So where does that leave the strays…well the web would be the place but it’s rapidly becoming more and more crossing a busy street in bright daylight… intimidating. Luckily there are still plenty of hyper liberals on line, I suppose the hyper sensitive adjective stands for those that dare to voice their sissy ideas, how clever, a division, stimulating a ‘misguided liberal’ stray to return to a numbed and dumbed round up.

            Well i used the adjective overconfident, born againism, that somebody up there likes me, yes like once nebukadnasr thought in babylon. I don’t think we’ll have to wait three generations, this time.

            ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          2. Bill you are comparable to Rush Limbaugh, really!
            It saddens me that this Daily Grail is graced with the likes of you. You can not accept the dangerous environmental nexus this planet is facing due to global warming. You have invested much of your right wing rhetoric to debunking anything that upsets your myopic world view. Thrustbucket is in the same sinking ship with you. I will stand up and tell you what you are IMHO. Disinformation is your tool. Believe me, my emotions concerning people like you are tempered with the fact that I find you dangerous. In all matters you seek the conservative/Straussian doublespeak. If your chosen quotes are an indicator of who you are, seek therapy and find your soul. There is always time to change the road you are on. Dennis

          3. Speaking of myopic views…….
            Hi Dennis from Oregon,

            No GW proof, eh? Even I could have offered something, but I won’t.

            Have you considered that most of the topics that we address, from hidden histories to Bigfoot and all the witches, ghosts, and UFOs in between, are not politically correct? Why is it that anti-GW gets your goat and makes you very afraid? That’s what we do here. Could it be that this is the one that you fear may be true?


          4. what quote “the law..”
            You put something in quotes, and you have nobody to quote who actually said that. It seems like it is your own imagination of what these people, or who they are. Step back, and reconsider.

            Tox, you live too much in your the world of your own thoughts. Those are well considered, I am sure. You have to think for yourself, yes it is absolutely essential. But you mistaking your impression of what other people think for reality. It will lead you to mistaken conclusions.

            Look at principles of navigation, as with ships, airplanes and such. To rely on a single source, or method, of finding your position and heading is risky.

          5. “Rollin’, Rollin’ , Rollin’ “
            Hi Earthling,

            Well im sorry you didn’t get my quote because it’s a sentence spoken and enacted in many a western, likely not your forté, considering your ‘point’.

            Interpreting your advice,
            “i will have correct conclusions if i ‘m not being impressed by other peoples view of reality”.Yes, so i better think for myself then, its essential to get well considered own thoughts.

            As for navigation, a single source has saved many a life and not only lighthouses.

            ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          6. think
            You quote again: “i will have correct conclusions if i ‘m not being impressed by other peoples view of reality”

            This is not what I said, it is not what I meant, and you know it. You are quoting your own thoughts.

            Of course there is nothing wrong with sticking to your judgement, on the contrary. But you also have to consider other people (not me), and not Rumsfeld. Something other than movies or literary fiction. And of course not only people who agree with you.

            But certainly not only yourself.

            Perhaps you are not a sailor. You could do well to study the craft.

            Many people have been lost by believing the one light they saw was the one light they wanted to see. They are not here to tell you.

          7. move ‘m up
            Hi Earthling,

            ” But you mistaking your impression of what other people think for reality. It will lead you to mistaken conclusions.”

            Trying to make sense, i switched the sentences and both negated them ( i forgot the name for this ‘style’ action), anyway will lead you to right conclusions if i won’t let my impression be guided by other people ‘s view of reality.
            I’m not sure what else to make of it Earthling. I get the impression your just want to start a discourse, i’m not being judgemental here, you are the one that seems to know how (wrongly) i think. I guess you fail to connect to my humor or insights. No problemo gringo..

            ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          8. Texas

            Hi Thrust,

            Plenty of room here, but you’re correct, people have a tendency to pigeonhole Texans. I hope you like cattle. We kill some of them and eat them. We issue guns and ponies at the border. ;o)

            You may not want to use that line in a comedy club; that’s where originated. Jake Johansen is a comic, and that joke is the one for which he is most famous.


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