News Briefs 17-08-2005

There’s a bar at the heart of the Milky Way. But it won’t serve people wearing football shirts or sporting tattoos. But that bar means that gravity over the whole milky way changes for stars in the spirals. Is there a clue here to mass extinctions?

  • Alternative media amplifies as mainstream gatekeepers decline.
  • Europe to join Russia in building the next space shuttle.
  • Icy methane volcano on Titan.
  • A hoist to the heavens.
  • Soul survival: is the new neuromorality a threat to traditional views of right and wrong.
  • The state of surveillance.
  • River of data decodes Nile cycles.
  • Damned: Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail.
  • Can money buy happiness? Yes, but…
  • Humans fall victim to glossy magazine covers. Victim? A lot of those covers end up rather sticky.
  • Velikovsky’s ghost returns.
  • Protecting food from terrorists. Waiter, there’s a terrorist in my soup…
  • Garlic’s potent effects revealed. Basically, what Bram Stoker already knew.
  • Bar at Milky Way’s heart revealed.
  • Aboriginal astronomers see mythology in the stars.
  • Asteroid encounter in 2029 may help scientists deflect objects.
  • Ingredients for life found in the early universe.
  • The sense of being glared at: what is it like to be a heretic?
  • The sense of being stared at: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Quote of the Day:

If empathy is second nature to humans, then apathy is first.


  1. That’s a good article…
    …about neuromorality or whatever they call it, alhtough I tend to worry when Steven Pinker is involved in something.
    He’s the one who talks about back-engineering the brain to see how it works, saying that everything to do with the brain is evolutional.
    Pinker and Dawkins get together and tell you why there is no supernatural involvement whatsoever in the existence of the human race.
    The thing is that they don’t know.
    And I don’t like people making assertions as facts until they know.

    Thanks for the news Jameske, and did you happen to have a name for the new planet?


  2. Ingredients for life found in the early universe…
    ⇒ if they didn’t, would it be expected result // however what i 1. had in mind was that: “life” uses whatever’s available to assemble it from + trivia …

    1. Perhaps
      life is as old as the universe is old. Which is to say, if the universe is infinite then it is also the case that life could be that old.

      Infinite universe, infinite life. Still a waste of time 🙂

  3. next Space Shuttle
    If I was a conspiracy-theory specialist, I would say that NASA has staged these scary little things with the heat shield, so that they can get out of this terrible business deal they have with the Shuttle. But I’m not.

    They should get out of this business anyway, the sooner everyone gets out of this dead-end development the better. There are much more effective ways of manned space flight.

  4. Staring
    About sense of being stared at. Where I am from, every hunter worth his rifle know NOT to stare at an animal who is not aware of your precence. This is completly natural to us. I think hunters all over the world know this. Bill, I understand you are a hunter, you know about this? Have you ever stared at an animal who became aware of your presence? I do not know if it is only wild animals who react to the staring. As a matter of fact I have never thought about the animal-staring until now. Of course I will do extensive testing on our domestic animals, and keep you Grailers informed.

    1. domestic animals and staring
      No matter how fast asleep they appear to be, or how quiet I am, my cats always know, the instant I pick up a camara. 😉

      Cats are also much better at staring than we humans. It’s a strange feeling when the three of them team up to stare at me to wake me up. It feels like I’ve been yanked back from my dreams by some sort of emergency, but when I open my eyes, the 3 of them will be sitting there cheek to jowl in a row, about a foot from my head, just staring at me. And the instant they see my eyes open, they all let out one long meow in unison, as if to proclaim their joint-project a success. I’ll bet I’m not the only person this happens to regularly.


      1. kat`s Cats
        We all know that cats are special. We have cats that are outside at night (live on a farm). Every time we get a new cat (sometimes they disappear, killed by cars, taken by fox etc..)they instantly know where our bedroom are. They will of course make a … of a noise outside our bedroom window if we are not awake at regular time.
        By the way. Why is it so mutch easier to like/love a cat than a dog?
        Cats from Odin.

        1. Why…
          >>Why is it so much easier to like/love a cat than a dog?

          Most dogs are promiscuous with their affections – they ‘love’ anybody who’ll bother to pet them.

          The hearts of most cats, on the other hand, must be won over with genuine affection. Not affection for cats in general, mind you, but for the particular cat in question.


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