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All day and night I’ve been nagged by the feeling that I’ve forgotten something important. Here’s what I only just remembered:

  • Indonesia and Aceh rebels have signed a peace treaty to end almost 30 years of bloodshed. I sincerely hope the treaty lasts.
  • Southeast Asia faces an ecological crisis and massive pollution problems due to Indonesia’s deliberately-lit forest fires.
  • Siberia’s rapid thaw, and the resulting release of methane, is cause for alarm.
  • A discrepancy in weather balloon sensors from the 1970s has been exposed, giving further support to global warming.
  • A lightning bolt in Phoenix, Arizona, looked like a volcano and sounded like a dynamite blast. Tiger Woods was not playing golf at the time.
  • Sweltering Tokyo asks a hi-tech Uchimizu to help cool things down. Godzilla is too busy promoting a new movie.
  • Erotic images can make you go blind — temporarily. This is why there are no photographs of TDG staff to accompany the news.
  • Am I a man’s manly man, or girly girl? Question my manliness, and I might just go all macho on you.
  • Women become less demanding if acts of love last longer. If you temporarily went blind, that’s because of the article’s erotic image (I still haven’t been able to read the article).
  • A Masonic lodge in Italy has appointed a Catholic priest as chaplain. I couldn’t resist posting this article immediately after the previous two. If you have PaganNanny software installed on your computer, you won’t be able to open the link.
  • An interview with Selena Fox on the resurgence of Paganism.
  • Why do journalists insist on writing snide, holier-than-thou articles about people who like to dress up as hobbits? I dressed up as Aragorn for my birthday a few weeks ago, and I tell ya, the cloak is the best fashion invention ever!
  • Fans of The Da Vinci Code have been vandalising historical sites and stealing mementos like Harry Potter fans on amphetamines in a magic shop. Will the film make it worse? I often wonder how the TDG news influences you lot.
  • What do we know about the psychic who outraged Charles Dickens?
  • Spend a night in Edinburgh’s haunted undercity, and you might bump into Cernig looking for a pint.
  • A champion of atheism for more than fifty years now believes in God. At age 81, I think anyone would wonder what’s on the other side.
  • Perhaps the answer lies with the oddities of Mount Shasta.
  • If you go looking for evidence of UFOs in NASA, you’ll get never a straight answer.
  • Will this interview get straight answers from the UK’s civil servant and UFO investigator, Nick Pope?
  • Party Officials in China are hugging little green men. I’d rather they hug Tibetans.
  • Many UFO-spotting clubs in the UK are closing due to a lack of UFOs — or are there just less people watching the skies?
  • If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise — a trail has opened in Rendlesham Forest for hikers to explore a UFO mystery.
  • Does technology blow a fuse when you walk into the room? Why some people should not touch a computer.
  • Researchers believe they are close to untangling messages encoded in the knotted strings of Incan quipus.
  • Jade: proving a connection between Ancient China and the Americas.
  • Amazing sculptures and stone monuments in Mongolia’s Orkhon Valley.
  • In Qinghe Province, at the foot of Mt Altai bordering Outer Mongolia, is a valley littered with the remnants of stone circles.
  • Some stone monoliths of Mongolia have to be seen to be believed. you can view pictures here and here (top right).
  • In Australia is a little known aboriginal stone circle.
  • Does the Atlantis myth have a scientific basis?
  • Crikey! A goose-eating crocodile in a London River may in fact be a giant turtle.
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket, a new species of primate — the mouse lemur — has been discovered in Madagascar. I thought I’d finish the news with a cute animal story.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

The more you reason, the less you create.

Raymond Chandler