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It is awful when you can feel the flu coming on. Sneeze your illnesses.

  • Scientists crack 40 year-old DNA puzzle.
  • How did oxygen get to dominate the atmosphere?
  • Malaria makes people more attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Mindful of symbols.
  • The ancient sabretooth is not directly related to modern day cats. More here. A number of puzzling statements in the article makes me wonder, just a bit.
  • Codex Sinaiticus: The earliest Bible manuscript to appear on the Internet soon
  • Breaking the silence: Bilderberg exposed.
  • The Nanobacteria link to heart disease and cancer.
  • Britain’s secret war in Antarctica.
  • How do you get plants to grow on Mars?
  • EU clears GM maize as animal feed.
  • The Bush Gang – Get the Internet!
  • Twins hold key to unravelling the maths gene.
  • Sunlight used to smelt zinc.
  • Only sunlight is the answer.
  • Does gravity have inertia?
  • The case of the tenth planet.
  • Monsanto Pig.
  • 911 on trial.

Quote of the Day:

History is both a cause and a cure of paranoia. In its dark beginnings we find the creation myth that tells us where we came from. And in its subsequent lists of events lie the injustices.