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Tis the season of discoveries.

  • A tenth planet has been discovered orbiting our Sun — and it has a moon.
  • We know about this new planet because a hacker threatened to tell the public if the astronomers didn’t.
  • An ice lake has been discovered on Mars. Coming soon, Disney on Ice on Mars.
  • The recent detection of Methane on Mars raises the possibility of life.
  • Saturn’s tiny moon Enceladus appears to have active ice volcanoes. I’m thinking Mexican for dinner …
  • Closer to home, the Earth’s Arctic Ocean is teeming with unknown life. You can view some of the irridescent critters here. The ship isn’t one of the irridescent critters, but the crew did cover its hull with glow-in-the-dark stickers.
  • An unidentified sea creature has washed up on China’s eastern shores. If you’re visiting the area in the coming weeks, don’t eat the sharkfin soup.
  • What creatures will be discovered, what legends will come to life in a Northwestern China lake?
  • A fifth subspecies of chimpanzee has been revealed. Please, don’t make it rollerskate or smoke cigars.
  • A new species of insect evolved in an instant. It’s a pity humans can’t do the same.
  • The cullinary etiquette of eating newly discovered fauna.
  • Artifacts of Ramses II have been unearthed in a Cairo suburb. Workers digging a hole for Zahi Hawass’s new jacuzzi have been ordered to dig deeper.
  • Tombs have been found near Teotihuacan, Mexico.
  • The remains of a Roman lead-smelting site have been found in Wales. Archaeology students volunteering for the dig have been warned not to lick their fingers.
  • What secrets does the rock-art of Tiahuanaco keep?
  • The Caxamarca culture of Peru has its own secrets.
  • Exploring the Cumbe Mayo petroglyphs of Peru.
  • The Southwestern United States has the greatest concentration of prehistoric rock-art in the world.
  • Why won’t the Iron Pillar of Delhi rust?
  • The mystery man of Stonehenge: who was he, and where did he come from?
  • Mel Gibson is to make a film spoken completely in the Mayan language. The film’s title, Apocalypto, is Greek, but I’ll give him full marks for trying. No word on his latest project, Boudica.
  • My leather jacket and lightsaber were auctioned without my permission. If anyone has seen my fedora, whip, webley revolver, and the Ark of the Covenant, please email me.
  • A researcher of exopolitics claims Spielberg’s image of hostile aliens in War of the Worlds is offensive to extraterrestrials. Um, I’ll quietly mention that War of the Worlds was the idea of H.G. Wells, not Spielberg (Amazon US or UK).
  • DNA tests of Bigfoot hair have revealed it’s from a bison. Some people still believe in Bigfoot, and insist the hairy man needs a haircut.
  • Dan Taylor, the Captain of the 1969 Loch Ness minisub, has passed away: an obituary from The Cryptozoologist.
  • Also from The Cryptozoologist, an obituary for Mark Chorvinsky, magician, Fortean, and founder of Strange Magazine.
  • We’re being told military excercises were mistaken for UFOs in Central Australia recently. Uh, sure, like we haven’t been told that one before.
  • Perhaps the answers can be found in recently released UFO reports. Today, Tonight is evil tabloid journalism, but the story contents are important.
  • Investigating the recent Eccles UFO encounter in the UK. It looks like the car from Monopoly.
  • A UFO has been sighted in the skies above the UK’s Bracknell Forest.
  • Another UFO encounter in Exeter, USA, has tongues wagging … again. An earlier report of previous encounters here.
  • Not to be outdone by the yanks and aussies, Scotland is home to some bonny weird places.
  • Whitley Strieber discusses how an alien implant affects him.
  • A physicist insists that if you ride your bicycle fast enough, time travel is possible.
  • A psychiatrist claims some iPod users are experiencing musical hallucinations. I feel the same way everytime I listen to commercial radio.
  • Scientists have developed an in-body bone factory.
  • Can subterranean farms safely grow GM crops?
  • What a brilliant idea: farming the jet streams for alternative sources of energy.
  • Forget about terraforming other planets: perhaps we need to terraform Earth?

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mohandas Ghandi