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After attempting to fix my computer for 14 hours straight, 7 hours of shopping, and an all-nighter searching for – and reading – the news, I now wish to most sincerely thank “Sinton’s”, whoever they are, for their luscious chocolate milk, which keeps me almost sane.

  • Medication triggered madness of King George.
  • Two nuclear historians say U.S. nuked Japan to kick-start the cold war, not end WWII. From newscientist.com, not rense.
  • In Iran, over 500 Iron Age steles form a wall of men and women with no mouths.
  • Scientists discover a whole family of one-atom-thick materials with properties they had never thought possible, and which promise a new industrial revolution.
  • New nano valve can trap and release molecules on cue.
  • Microfabrication: Angels limber up for pinhead dance.
  • Neutrino researcher says, if necessary, he’ll chase them into the next dimension.
  • Study challenges theory of random DNA changes.
  • Aussie finds stem cells in uterus, which can be used to grow extra bone, muscle, fat and cartilage.
  • Molecular biologists are the real newsmakers.
  • Indecent exposure: Chemical pollutants are a part of our everyday life, and linked to diseases such as Parkinson’s. So why isn’t the government acting?
  • Leptin, the hormone that controls hunger pangs, may also boost memory.
  • Geologic revelations: Research suggests crushing pressures in Earth’s lower mantle force electrons of iron to pair-up in orbits, which could explain seismic wave anomalies.
  • Does lightning get its spark from outer space?
  • NASA sets Discovery launch for Tuesday.
  • Beyond NASA: The push to privatize spaceflight.
  • Martian meteorites imply there’s been a four-billion-year chill on Mars.
  • Cosmic catastrophe may have struck sun-like star.
  • How long does it take electrons to hop between atoms?
  • In Hawaii, there’s a flesh-eating caterpillar that thinks it’s a spider.
  • Three biologists challenge claim by a bird expert of seeing an ivory-billed woodpecker.
  • Study clarifies the nature of the link between weight and diabetes.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to abnormal gene behavior in white blood cells.
  • Do we really want our debt and data literally at our fingertips? Japanese scientists think so.
  • Australian parrots are an enigma to researchers.
  • A follow-up on why the sky is blue: studying ultraviolet waves in space, and what flowers (example) look like to bumblebees.
  • The M Word: Corrupted images quite easily crash IE in potentially exploitable ways. Thank god somebody finally told me, so I could turn them off.
  • New study says people just can’t help eavesdropping on others’ conversations – and body language reveals when they’re doing it.
  • Musical hallucination, a condition in which the brain hears phantom music, can be brought on by constant exposure to music in everyday life.
  • ‘Sasquatch hair’ might be from a bison, but the sample is now on its way to an Alberta scientist who offered to do DNA analysis.
  • Another searcher takes a stab at the question, Atlantis: Myth or Reality?
  • A hero for our time: the continuing allure of magic and fantasy.
  • UFOs sighted in the sky over Crown Wood.
  • Big Brother Was Watching: Newly released files show that George Orwell was the subject of repeated special branch reports.
  • Kapital gain: Why is Karl Marx Britain’s most revered philosopher?
  • Inside truths: The traditional approach to understanding – using basic physical laws to explain the world – isn’t working so well.
  • The reality of ‘absolute’ truth: science is being battered by differing agendas about what matters most.
  • Earth needs a climate of change.
  • Life’s profound problems are often resolved by dreams that come just before death, says author of Dreaming Beyond Death. Amazon US & UK.

Quote of the Day:

I wish I had a dollar for every editor I’ve worked with who has told me that science is just not interesting to readers — that they already did their science story this month.

David Ewing Duncan
Author of The Geneticist Who Played Hoops With My DNA … and other masterminds from the frontiers of biotech. Amazon US & UK.