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A pill for every ill.

  • Does God have back problems too?
  • The viagra monologues.
  • Big Pharma’s attempt to subjugate planet Earth, and wins victory against your supplements.
  • Blond bad guys: Hollywood’s other obsession.
  • Rebels ready to face prison over ID cards.
  • Titan dark spot may be large lake. The land beside it looks like it has a similar outline to the D&M pyramid on Mars. But it looks like a pentagon with a hexagon containing spokes on top of it. The imaginative eye…
  • Footprints of the first Americans. 40000 years – it must whiff a bit.
  • Comet crash clues for Europe. Last pic of Deep Impact. What’s the circular thing? What makes that? Or is that the imaginative eye again?
  • Deep Impact: first impressions.
  • Saturn’s rings have own atmosphere. Almost seems like a coalescing planet – or the remnants of one already made.
  • The lie of the century.
  • Japan investigates giant column of steam in the pacific.
  • The Gilgamesh project.
  • A short history of the Round Table. Parts One, Two, Three and Four.
  • DNA samples reveal new dolphin species.
  • Global warming may lead to a lopsided planet.
  • China declares war on the clouds.
  • Himmler’s fortress of fear.
  • Self hypnosis squelches allergies.
  • Are there periodic booms and busts in the diversity of life on Earth?

Quote of the Day:

When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.