News Briefs 06-07-2005

A pill for every ill.

  • Does God have back problems too?
  • The viagra monologues.
  • Big Pharma’s attempt to subjugate planet Earth, and wins victory against your supplements.
  • Blond bad guys: Hollywood’s other obsession.
  • Rebels ready to face prison over ID cards.
  • Titan dark spot may be large lake. The land beside it looks like it has a similar outline to the D&M pyramid on Mars. But it looks like a pentagon with a hexagon containing spokes on top of it. The imaginative eye…
  • Footprints of the first Americans. 40000 years – it must whiff a bit.
  • Comet crash clues for Europe. Last pic of Deep Impact. What’s the circular thing? What makes that? Or is that the imaginative eye again?
  • Deep Impact: first impressions.
  • Saturn’s rings have own atmosphere. Almost seems like a coalescing planet – or the remnants of one already made.
  • The lie of the century.
  • Japan investigates giant column of steam in the pacific.
  • The Gilgamesh project.
  • A short history of the Round Table. Parts One, Two, Three and Four.
  • DNA samples reveal new dolphin species.
  • Global warming may lead to a lopsided planet.
  • China declares war on the clouds.
  • Himmler’s fortress of fear.
  • Self hypnosis squelches allergies.
  • Are there periodic booms and busts in the diversity of life on Earth?

Quote of the Day:

When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.


  1. pain in the back ? neck more likely

    I’m not sure what the current definition of intelligent design constitutes, the author doesnt specify- he assumes it to be fudgy creationism.
    His main argument; ” if there was intelligent design humans wouldn’t be ‘such a mess'”. Yes well, what can i say ;” nature is full of misfits dominating the planet” .

    Obviously the man hasn’t done his bio genetics homework. Neither have you Jameske or else you wouldnt have posted this non sensical analysis.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

      So, did you like any of the other articles or is the negativity purely out of an inability to see beyond yourself?

      1. word up
        Hi Jameske,

        I checked 12 of your links, they seemed rather light for your doing, maybe you wanted us to delve into the nexus round table story, i quit that one after 2 of the pages, too much historical detailing for me.

        Anyway whats this about inability to see beyond, does that mean that the next idiot who declares the earth is flat should be taken seriously just because you give him the word ?

        ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

        1. It’s..
          …nothing to do with my word. I don’t suggest anyone take the links seriously. I’m not government, I am not force. I provide what I consider, in the main part, to be interesting for other people. Sometimes it resonates and sometimes it does not. But if you don’t like an article then there is the sense in which you can track down the author and respond to them directly – yes? Why give me a slap on the wrist about an article when you can actually take what you do not like about it and write about it yourself. You are gifted enough in that department to challenge the author. Remember that a lot of this stuff is more widely distributed than TDG, as a mouthpiece, is. There is value in challenging the author directly – to take the article and cut it to pieces. You are also well capable of that. If you feel the article is beneath you then perhaps their are others who do not feel the same way. TDG is not for you alone. I have always tried to include things I don’t even find interesting. But it is rare these days that I find something I find personally combative – other than your response to the article 😉 But that isn’t really what I mean, if you understand me.

          The author is there to be shot down. It is a gateway to an article written by yourself – give it go. As for myself, give me a break. I like you, you often voice good opinions but, come on, this is about a choice of article – again I say, nothing else you like? TDG News is a collection of articles already out there. But wouldn’t it be nice if it were akin to Reuters. Now that would get me fired up to start writing….again…. 🙂

          1. Reuters – bah!
            >>But wouldn’t it be nice if it were akin to Reuters. Now that would get me fired up to start writing….again…. 🙂

            You’ve got a ready-made audience of 6,000+ a day here, plus some readers would likely pass on a link to whatever you write to their friends. Why isn’t that a big enough audience to motivate you?

            Several people, including me, have commented that they fondly remember ‘Jameske Rants’, and would like to see them again. After you posted a link to that Thunderbirds article on the electrical nature of comets, I sent them an email saying, “nice article, but you’re a little behind the curve”, told them about your article, and suggested they contact you about writing a few for them.

            And then of course, Greg has solicited for articles for Sub Rosa, too.

            I suspect your brain might leave you again if you don’t give it an outlet. 😉


          2. Yeah…right on!
            I agree Kat.

            There used to be a big heap of Jameske’s rants.What happened to them?


          3. Other people…
            …rant a lot better than I do. No sense in blabbing about spilt milk.

            But if Jameske’s Rants were that popular there is the sense in which anyone can be Jameske’s Rants. It was just a title. The blogs here get drowned out too often and that is not for me. One at least requires an interested group of people to go to the bother of writing something. Perhaps when things calm down I will have more time and I will write something. In the mean time, it seems to me, that both Kat and Shadows are well capable of also giving birth to rants. But there isn’t very much to write about other than the encroaching world police state, the nature of the universe and its forces, and that just about covers everyting.

            In the mean time you could both listen to Holes by Mercury Rev.

          4. They probably are….
            but they aren’t Jameske!

            May I make a suggestion?
            I will anyway.

            Jameske, put your rants on the front page.The encroaching world police state,the nature of the universe and it’s forces are what people are interested in.

            A rose by any other name would NOT smell as sweet.

            love shadows

          5. sorry Greg
            I don’t mean to tell you how to run your website.I think I remember though that Jameske’s rants were on the front page.
            But then I can’t remember yesterday.


          6. Thunderbirds
            Hi Kat,

            Hasn’t the electric model been out for a very long time? Years ago I cam up with a TASER model and talked to Wal Thornhill about it. He rejected it because he took space to be a superconducting medium and thus meteors couldn’t really collect charge – but, then again, if comets are essentially meteors but defined as comets due to more eccentric orbits then perhaps there really isn’t much to argue about and I just came up with a variant on a pre-existing model. The TASER model was just about meteors collecting charge over millions of years, they would then dispense with the charge in a suitable conditions. In the end, though, perhaps they are right. I do not know. But the TASER model was primarily a solution to craters. The approaching charged meteor would dispense with its charge and disaggregate an area of rock on the surface of a larger body – say the Moon. It would then plunge into the disaggregated matter (acting more like a liquid (but only like a liquid) to create a softer landing – leaving open the possibility that the end of the meteor might survive and stick up in the centre of the crater – creating what is known as a complex crater. It was also intended to be a potential solution to lunar MASCONS using the same principle but large meteors being completely buried under the disaggregated matter. The charge would then drain away and rock would reform.

    2. what go’s around…..well you know….
      I thought the artical was good even though I totally disagree.
      But I do have a sore back. those bloody hiefers are getting heavy.

      DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

      1. are you referring to female cows?
        Hi Floppy,
        I’ve lifted a few heifers in my time and they are heavy buggers.
        Give your back a rest or you will be a cot-case.


        1. young one’s..yes
          unfortunatly branding and tagging has to be done.Not to mention other nasties we have to do to these animals to satisfy the regulations of our governments. Santa gurtrudis are among the largest of bovine.A lot of my best cows stand over 5 feet in back hieght.
          I’ll heed your advice though….thanks shadows…

          DISCLAIMER:the opinions and veiws in this post are mine only and do not nesessarily reflect those of others.

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